One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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 Light Dragon Lines

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PostSubject: Light Dragon Lines   Light Dragon Lines EmptySat May 23, 2009 9:16 pm

I'm currently writing a few stories, and one of them, Demose: Legends Are Made. is obviosuly on this forum already. But, I've been cleared to add two more stories, which are actually one. Sound strange? Good. Read both of them, nad try to catch on. They will be updated once every week. Sometimes, every two weeks. So, please, enjoy these two new stories, as well as Demose, and tell me what you think.

Here's a quick disclaimer. There may be some graphic scenes, bloody, gore, and what not. Nothing too extreme. So, please, keep that in mind.

Here we go.

Light Dragon Lines
Ben Yenser (Lyokosecter5)


The sky was dark with rage, and the ground and the mountains shook with every great boom of thunder. Every few moments there was a flash and a bolt of lighting would streak across the sky with a crack. Across the grasslands, past the river, and over the great brown mountains, down into the valley of the flying lizards, a group of large creatures stood in the rain, all of them looking stern and focused. At the front of the gathering of dragons stood two large blue dragons. In between the two giants was one smaller white dragon, with a terrified look upon her scaly face.

“You child holds great potential.” One of the dragons spoke in a deep voice. “But, he also holds a great danger.” The other, in the exact same voice, added. “What are you going to do to him?” The young female dragon asked, her voice sounded as if she were pleading. “That is yet to be decided, but-” “Please, don’t kill him!” She begged, “He’s a child, he can be trained, he never has to know! He-” “Silence, Gira!” One of the blue beasts spat, his calm tone leaving him. “It is not he who is to be executed!”

Gira’s white face was frozen with fear. “W-what?” Another dragon, this one long and slender with red scales, and black spikes on it’s head, slowly moved forward out of the crowd. “We cannot risk you telling him the truth in the years to come, nor can we allow your betrayal and disloyalty to us go…unpunished.” The red dragon slid on it’s stomach up to Gira, and brought his face to hers. “You were such a good friend. Nothing personnel, it‘s my job you know” He muttered. “What a pity.” He reared back and bared his yellow fangs. “Executor.” The red dragon looked from Gira to the closest blue dragon. “…do it.”

The executor dragon lunged forward, and his jaws clamped over the female’s neck. She thrashed for no longer than three seconds before she let out a pained moan and her limbs failed her. The other dragon released it’s grip and she fell onto her side, blue blood now running from his neck and mouth. “Gah…eh…T-…T-Tyran.” She gasped. “Shi…Shine…” A small, pale blue dragon hurried forward and lowered her head to the ground by Gira. “What is it?” She asked quietly, trying to hold her voice steady. “Shine…there’s…another…” Shine’s voice quavered as she spoke, “What Gira? Another…” “Child…” Shine went wide eyed, and lowered her voice so only Gira would hear her. “How? Where is he?”

The white dragon let out a low, dying moan, and managed to gurgle one last phrase. “He…took…her…” Shine raised her head as Gira’s eyes closed, and her body went completely limp. The Executor dragon licked his fangs, and looked to the two large giants before him. “Thank you, Fang.” One of them spoke. “Anytime…” Fang said, looking to the body of Gira. “Just, in the future…don’t tell me to kill anyone I know.”

High above the valley, in the inner rim of the surrounding mountains, a small black scaled, baby dragon lay curled against the wall. The egg he hatched from merely a day before was lying cracked against the opposite wall, and the bones from his first meal were laying, charred, before him. He was fast asleep, his red eyes covered but nearly transparent eyelids. His pure white fangs showed as he yawned and rolled over in his sleep. The young beast slept peacefully; blissfully unaware the raging storm outside, and of his mother’s death in the valley below.
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Masta Debator

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PostSubject: Re: Light Dragon Lines   Light Dragon Lines EmptySun May 24, 2009 3:38 am

This brings back memories. I was in an Avatar RP where I had a dragon named Fang. But, besides that, I liked it. It caught my eye. Please, do continue.
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Light Dragon Lines
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