One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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  1. Odd One Out
    Mon May 18, 2009 12:48 am
    Message by Odd One Out - Contest, Story
    Heres my Story about When I went down to the bahamas. This is a missions trip for my church so it is a little religious. These are excerts from my journal but some parts have been edited

    Day 1
    Departure was smooth and easy. Right as we went through Bahamian customs we met our missions leader. There we were led to the hotel. Taking the first breath in the bahamas was something different. The air was very moist and kinda hard to breath at first but i was easily used to it. Waiting in the Taxi was okay at first but getting stuck in traffic made me see the bahamas. It was amasing to see it all but I couldn't focus too much because it was too hot and I was wearing long jeans and a sweat shirt. We finally got there and we started to talk about our mission schedule, our morning devotion and we got to know our leader. Once we finished discussing we started to unpack, and we also ordered Domino's. After the Welcoming Feast we visited the famous Atlantis sweet and visited all the hot spots there, after hours. We saw the place inside out and it was amazing to see it, so beautiful and lofty. Today was the vacation but tomorrow starts the work but im not worried about that.

    Day 2
    Nothing could be better. Me and my roommates got up and got to morning devotions. After the devotion we had a nice pancake breakfast and proceeded with the day. We were sent out to the Slums of the bahamas to do some door to door evangelism. we set up into two groups and took both sides of the streets. A few people only took the invitations we were sending to our leaders church but they didn't want to be saved. I expected that. The first time we saved someone is a memory that can't be taken away and it is so beautiful. The more times it happened the better the trip got. I knew why i was here now and it was great to see them come to Christ. We grabbed lunch and went down to our next mission. This place was almost like being in a dessert, with it being desolate and dry. Broken down cars and destroyed houses laid across the street and was only a sad sight to see. They were smiling and happy but I knew there was something wrong with this place. it was amiss. We soon left the place and went for some free time. We decided to go to a beach by the hotel and it was kinda fun for a while. After that we went to the Queen Elizabeth steps and one of the Forts found there. After sight Seeing we went to dinner and went to a local park.There the Guys clicked with basketball easily and the girls hung out with the smaller kids. I myself watched the game because i wasn't good with basketball at all. After the park we finished the day and went to bed

    Day 3
    So much Is happening I can't write it down in this journal. It started with devotions and breakfast as it will always. After that we went to our next mission which was a nicer slum than most but it was still a slum. We had saved a few people there to but not that much. We went for lunch and went to our next spot. This spot was a true ghetto and we were sent out to do what we always do. No one was hurt and we got out and save a bunch of people. We went to free time and we went to the beach and then we went to dinner and the park we went to last time. We did the same thing we did last time. Finally we went to the hotel and slept.

    Day 4 (Very edited)
    Day four was the same except we went down into the middle class section and saved a few people and we went to a different part and we missed all the kids we met there too. We left and we slept again

    Day 5
    We did our morning routine but after breakfast instead of going to another slum we went to a snorkeling place and we relaxed most of the day. The boat ride to the spot want too great but swimming with the fishes was awesome. To see them up close and personal was fun. We then went to the straw markent to purchase a rasta with dread, a cane, and some neclaces for my family. After that we met our leaders youth group and played a few games with them. After that we left for the hotel for our time to leave

    Day 6
    Departure was sad and we had to go. Well I have stories to tell and people to talk to
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