One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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 Kage no hashi volume 1

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Kage no hashi volume 1 Empty
PostSubject: Kage no hashi volume 1   Kage no hashi volume 1 EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 7:00 pm

This includes chapters 1-6, which is all of volume one. I haven't gotten the chance to edit it yet. It's the basic manuscript for my manga that I plan to do when my art skills improve a lot. I've got my style down, but I need to work on anatomy, poses, and scenery of manga styled drawings. I promise you the manga WILL be done. Digitally ofcourse.

This story was originally done on the forums, it hasn't been finished because I've been on a total writing block for the past year. I've been working on graphics, drawings and the occasional cosplay costume. This new one I'm making is going to be a set of two people. A shounen ai couple of sorts. Fai and Kurogane from Tsubasa.

Chapter 1, the escape

San looked up at the bright light, she was sitting in a room filled with white light, and she was isolated from the rest of the outside world. She sighed and closed her eyes, "Even my shadow has retreated." San looked at the white tile floor. The light began to flicker and San smirked, "So, God has given someone like me a there are still surprises in this world..." She stood up and her shadow returned to her. "So it's returned," she smirked as the light started to go out, "It's my lucky day."

Some of the soldiers that worked on the base were outside of the room San was in. They walk up to the door and one takes a key off from around his neck. "Chow time for you....little monster" he says.

San glares at him as a tray comes in through a small doggy door. The light flickers off. "Now who's the monster again? I'm going to show you a monster...bye painting the room with your blood!" She yells.

The light flickered on and the soldiers shook a little bit and stuttered at talking, "You can't do that locked in that room of light...look...even your shadow left you..."

San gave them a weird look, with her wild red eyes she smirked. The soldiers' heads turned to the ground and noticed the shadow lay beneath San. They put their guns up and pointed at San. The lamp burst open and there was no sight of light anywhere in the white room. Her eyes glowed in the darkness and black arms reached out from the room.

"My shadow has left me huh?" she asked with a sneer.

The soldiers were grabbed by the shadows and in minutes the room was red with blood. San's shadow busted open the door and she started walking out of the room. She stepped on some of the blood and led a track of prints to where she was going.

"People might find me...they'll have some bad luck.

More people rushed out of rooms, a couple soldiers followed the tracks to where San was heading, they had no clue that they were heading strait to their deaths.

"Maybe a survivor is limping around here," one of the men said. Another one replied, "What if it's that crazy witch."

"Yeah, I agree, we should retreat," another one said.

"No way...I'm the team leader, besides if we can catch her off guard-" the leader said, being interrupted by a man in white.

"Heh, that won't happen."

The leader turned to the man in white, "What the hell are you talking about? No one's invincible!"

The man tried to hide his laughter for he was certainly talking to a fool who didn't know anything about the situation, "She's pretty close to it."

The leader muttered under his breath, "I can't believe we're supposed to be afraid of a woman, especially a child."

The man frowned at the leaders words, "She's also not human."

"Huh, not human?" the leader asks with interest.

"Exactly, I thought you people were briefed on the situation, but apparently you don't know the full gravity of the situation."

Leader replied with suspicion, "Full gravity? Exactly what kind of mission is this? If that girl isn't human, what is she?"

The man in white got frustrated with all these questions and tried to keep calm, he whispered to himself because he couldn't keep his thoughts inside his head, "What a collection of fools, all these guys are muscle and weapons, we actually pay these guys to ask questions."

The leader clenched his fists and grabbed the man in white's shirt collar, "You're really starting to piss me off with all this 'collection of fools' talk, why weren't we told about this thing that appears to be inhuman, at least answer one of my questions."

"Let me go and I'll tell you everything..." the man demanded.

The leader put him down to the ground and sighed, "Now...old man, spill it."

The man in white pushed his glasses up on his nose and took a breath, he dusted himself off and started to explain, "In a world a couple years ago, people would it was silly to fear your own shadow, but..."

The man paused as the leader gave him a funny smirk, "Of course, you'd have to be stupid to be afraid of some shadow."

The man ignored his comment and continued his lecture, "Of course we all know that a shadow is a dark image cast on the ground by a body intercepting light, but we have discovered a new definition."

The man had his eyes closed the whole time and when he opened his eyes to take a breath, he saw the whole team, except the leader, sitting down, eating popcorn. They seemed to believe this was just a fantasy tale. The man put his hand to his head and sighed deeply. He looked to the left, in the corner of his eye; he had noticed the leader of the team was asleep.

The man muttered to himself, "No wonder they don't know anything about this mission, they weren't listening. I'm tired of this, I want employees who listen and do their job. LISTEN UP OR I'LL HAVE YOU FIRED!" The soldiers quickly hid their popcorn and the leader quickly woke up from his nap.

"Hey, what's your name? You're the director of this operation right?"

The man nods and answers, "Otoko, as you so put it, yes I'm the leader of this operation, but this is more than an operation. Where was I? Oh yes," he coughs and continues, "We have now found a new definition of the word shadow, these 'shadow's' are actual living beings. They have been labeled, "kage no hashi" or Bridge of Shadows. Many of them have been spotted near a shrine outside of Tokyo, Japan. They haven't been identified with parents, their genetic code is all wrong; it's as if they've been created out of dark matter. They have different 'traits' than humans." Otoko holds up three fingers, "One, they have pointed ears," he then puts one finger down, "two, they have red pupils and black irises," he puts another finger down, "and last and most important, they can manipulate shadow's, or most of them can, some have other abilities."

Otoko stopped and took out a clipboard, coughed, and threw it to the leader of the soldier team. The leader caught it with ease and pulled back the first page, which was blank.

"It has information on the subject who has escaped," Otoko stated as he crossed his arms.

The leader smirked with much anticipation, "Subject 0001, 'Kage no Hashi' 'Bridge of Shadows,' San," he read.

Otoko ignored the comment and gave him orders, "You are to stop her, and bring her back to her cell, we are working on a new containment unit, until then we have to do with what we have. If this mission fails...and San escapes, the whole world will be at risk, got it?"

The leader seemed to be irritated by this demand, so he responded sarcastically, "So...the fate of the world is in my hands? This makes things much tougher now." The leader rolled his eyes and started walking toward the place where the blood tracks led, his team followed.

Otoko walked back to his lab, "Those guys will be dead, and I hope their friends are going to plan a nice funeral for them." Otoko chuckled a little and opened the door.

San looked down at more soldiers she had slaughtered with the manipulation of her shadow, her red eyes glowed with a fiery rage, her pitch black hair seemed to match her eyes, and her pointed ears fit in as if she really were a demon.

San noticed that one man was alive, he was the leader of this team, "You seem to be at your last breathe, you have a look of insanity in your eyes. You said that there was more of me?"

The man didn't answer; he let out a small scream.

"I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONLY ME! I'm the original; I don't want anymore people like me! If they are locked up, I'll kill them myself, but first, I'll put you out of your misery!"

Her shadow stretched across the floor to the man's shadow. San's shadow rips the man's shadow apart and the man's arms start to bleed, he finally stops moving all together, he had died.

"Humans, so pathetic, all they can do is fight with their fists and stupid weapons," San turned and looked at another squad of soldiers.

"Looks like we found her, finally after listening to that Otoko guy talking for ever, we get to face this witch we've heard so much about," the leader of the squad said.

San turned around and glared at the leader, "You people, bore me with trying to stop won't work."

The leader bit his lip and smirked, "Such big words from a little girl." He pulled out the machine gun that was on his back.

San's expression didn't change, her shadow reached out.

"Don't mess with me!" the leader yelled, firing the machine gun at San.

Her shadow caught the shadows of the bullets so they stopped in mid air. San's shadow returned to its normal size and the bullets fell to the ground, "You won't kill me..."

The leader was starting to get frustrated to he ran at San. San didn't move, and she didn't phase at his attack. A hand of her shadow rose out of the ground and the leader stopped, he seemed to be sweating.

"Leave me alone," she said. The shadow grabbed the leader and squished him, splattering blood all over the place.

San wiped a bit of blood off of her cheek and looked at the blood on her finger. She thought for a moment and sighed, she looked toward the other soldiers. Every one of them had fear written on their faces, they ran.

San sneered, "Come back, I want to toy with I'm going to toy with you." With her shadow, she ripped their arms off, and then their legs and then their heads, "That was boring." "You people...left me locked up in there for so long, now I'm returning the favor, by taking your lives away as well," San said walking to a door.

She heard someone coming so she quickly opened the door and was on the edge of a cliff, she dropped her foot down to a ladder, she looked down to see water, not dry land. She falls forward and grabs a bar on the ladder with one hand. She grits her teeth and smirks. San tries to shorten her shadow to help her, it didn't work.

"Dang it, it's at the bottom of the ocean, I can't reach it. It's...over." San slipped and fell off and went down towards the water.

The wind blew her against the ladder and she hit her head on one of the metal bars. She fell unconscious. San landed in the water; luckily she fell on a small piece of wood and held on to it.

The San floated towards the shore to a shore along the coast of Japan, it was outside of Tokyo. San opened her eyes looked up to see a boy around her age sitting in the sand on the beach. He blinked a couple times and rushed into the water to get her. San sat up on the piece of wood and fell into the water; she couldn't swim so she held her hand up as she sank. The young boy caught her hand just as she went under. He pulled her up, carried her to shore, and set her on the sand. She coughed up a little bit of water and sat up. "

Hey miss, what were you doing all the way out here, and what's with those ears and that purple hair, and those eyes," the boy blurted out.

San touched her ears,"Where am I? Who am I?"

Chapter 4- Back to the Beginning

San walked along the streets that existed just outside of Tokyo. She walked closer to the city of Tokyo. She noticed an ice cream shop and walked in. She sat down by the window; it took her a while to notice the tons of people staring at her. San was a bit embarrassed, but she finally figured out what they were staring at. The humans had their eyes on her pointed ears and her blood red irises.

She smiled a bit and spoke, "It's a condition."

They all went back to their business and the world seemed to keep moving. They hadn't been staring at San, but she knew they were whispering behind her back.

She heard things like, "Something is strange about her, don't let our children near her." Other things were spoken like this, "I've heard that more girls are appearing around here that look like that. Then murders seem to happen."

A look spread across her face, it was filled with sadness and discontent. A child walked up to her and smiled. The child offered her an ice cream cone. San heard whispers from the parents of the child and looked up to see the mother of the child rushing to keep her daughter away from this strange girl.

As the man in white met up with another, they started talking about the capture of a new Kage no Hashi. San tried to not think about that there was a possibility of other beings like her. The two men continued to talk, San was dazing off now and then, but picked up on a couple things. She pieced together that they were coming up with a drug that would make the Kage no Hashi's power almost invincible. They also were developing another drug that would make the Kage no Hashi listen to the humans, to cage them and make them mindless puppets so to speak.

San hated the idea, she despised the very thought of it. How could these useless humans try to contain her? She would've laughed if her body wasn't completely paralyzed, so her mouth remained quiet.

Time slowly passed and San was left sitting there, still unable to move. She regained control of her left hand after another two hours, but still could barely move it. With nothing left to do, San started to think deeply about her past.
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Kage no hashi volume 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kage no hashi volume 1   Kage no hashi volume 1 EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 7:04 pm

And 4 and 5
Chapter five- Memories worth remembering...

San blinked once and opened her eyes. She sat up slowly and noticed everyone had left. Back in the ice cream shop, she stood up and headed for the door. Across the street, she spotted Yuko with an umbrella.

"It's that boy," San mumbled to herself.

The door's handle squeaked as San's fragile, white hand gripped onto it and twisted it. She pulled the handle back and opened the door, she stepped outside. Since there weren't many cars, Yuko heard the ringing of the bell inside of the ice cream shop. Yuko turned his head to look at where the noise had come from and he spotted San across the street from him. He blinked a couple times and it registered in his brain that she was the person she was looking for.

The drizzle that poured from the sky, suddenly it started to rain harder. San stood across the street, she did not make a move. She turned her head towards the ice cream shop. She turned around and looked at Yuko.

He waved, "San!?" He stepped onto the black colored street and started running towards her, "I've been looking for you everywhere!" He reached the middle of the street, and a noise was coming closer, it sounded like a horn.

It was a truck, it was too late when the driver had noticed Yuko, he couldn't get out of the way.

In the blink of an eye, San's body had disappeared. She had jumped into the middle of the street to push Yuko out of the way. Both unconscious, they rolled across the street to the curb of the sidewalk. A crowd started to gather around them.

The man in the truck had swerved into a fire hydrant; the driver was also unconscious at the moment. A couple people in the crowd took out their cell phones and dialed 911. In a couple of minutes, sirens were heard in the distance.

San coughed a bit and blinked; the light returned to her eyes. Her hair color was different, completely pitch black instead of a medium purple. A couple people eyed her strangely; glances and glares spread out across the crowd. San sat up slowly and didn't bother to look at the crowd of people that surrounded her, instead her attention was focused on Yuko, the boy she had saved. This action didn't seem like it was something SHE would do. Her emotionless stare turned into a menacing smirk. Just by looking at this girl's face, you could tell she was a loner. She didn't bother to help others, she did not care for others. The one word that would probably describe her is, selfish, but there was one thing that completely contradicted this, was the action that the girl had taken. She had saved a young boy, and her arms had seemed to be wrapped around him, as if she had saved a loved one.

San paused for a couple of seconds, there was complete silence across the entire block, except for the quiet sirens in the distance. This almost silent atmosphere had changed, it started to rain. The rain hit the ground, emitting a pit-pat sound across the scene.

San harshly let go of the boy that she had cradled, and stood up. The crowd turned their attention to her. A laugh had come out her mouth, the volume raised a couple decibels in a couple seconds. She took a step towards the truck.

She took one hand out of her pockets. She stopped in the middle of the street and then looked back at the crowd. The crowd stood silent, they seemed to be staring at the young girl, but they were probably asking themselves questions in their minds.

San's eye caught the distance, from where she was standing; she could see two or three vehicles. A fire truck and two ambulances were approaching quickly. A wider smile spread across San;s face. The crowd still stood in silence, waiting to see what would happen.

The vehicles slid across the black top, closer, and closer. San was about to speak, but instead a screech was heard as one of the ambulances slid towards her. She lifted up a hand and her shadow moved even though the lighting of this scene had not changed. Her expression changed, it was emotionless, like she was bored. Suddenly, the roof of the ambulance was ripped off. She blinked and the two paramedics were spread out across the ground, in a pool of blood.

Panic broke out among the crowd. Some people running and screaming, as if they were the ones who had just died. Others quickly dialed their cell phones to tell their friends about the incident. Yuko was still lying on the side of the street, unconscious. The noise seemed to have upset San because a menacing scowl spread across her face. She turned around as the screaming heard in the crowd continued.

"SHUT UP!" San yelled. "I can't think strait!" She grabbed her ears and gritted her teeth.

A voice rung in San's head, "Miss, do you want me to kill these pathetic humans?"

San had dropped to her knees and started to shake, she put her head to the ground. It was more like a desperate thrust. Her head had started to bleed.

San cried out in frustration. Blood spattered across the highway and across the buildings. She stood up and sighed, "That is better."

Yuko flinched and woke up screaming, "SAN! NO!"

San looked down at him, covered in blood she stumbled over to him, "Shut up or I'll kill you too."

Yuko's expression changed to a more frightful look,"What's going on here...what's with you...what happened to everyone?" He looked around.

"They were being annoying, so I silenced them," she added.

"You, killed them," Yuko replied as he gulped.

San smirked again and kneeled in front of him. Yuko tried to back away from her, but could not due to the fact that he was already pressed against the cement of the curb. He opened his mouth to scream, but no sound or noise came out. San scooted closer to him and Yuko's face looked even more scared.

San smiled menacingly and whispered in his ear, "Thank you, for not screaming, for that...I love you." She laughed a bit and pressed her cheek up against him.

Yuko's face turned bright red and his mouth was wide open. San pressed her lips against his and kissed him passionately.

"Why'd you..." Yuko started.

San put a finger over his lip and another one to hers, she told him to be quiet. Sirens wrung in the distance.

"This isn't good," San said biting her finger. She looked down at Yuko. "I could kill more of them, but it's risky, they'll come back with more of them, there's millions of those humans around here, and only one of me. Plus, if I do keep fighting these police, they're going to keep sending more of them, and soon it'll be an army, and there's no doubt that people will notice. I can't kill them all right now." San turned towards the street, then back at Yuko, "I also have this piece of garbage tagging along with me."

"HEY!"Yuko shouted.

San glared at Yuko, "What did I just say?!"

She started kicking him in the head and he responded after each kick with a simple, "ow!" Being stupid, Yuko put his hands on top of his head. San crushed his fingers with his foot and Yuko screamed. From the distance, San could hear the cars accelerating. Her hair faded into a dark purple.

San sighed and looked back at the road. She put her hand to her head; a sharp pain seemed to hit it in the blink of an eye. She clenched her other fist and gritted her teeth.

"It hurts," San gasped, "I can't's disappearing."

Yuko gave her a look that indicated that he was confused. This all seemed new to Yuko; a strange encounter with an even stranger girl.

San didn't bother to look back at Yuko, she just stood there, in the middle of the street, staring off into the distance. The police cars reached the scene, they were about two feet away from San. The policemens' faces stretched and looked frightened. Inches away, the police car swerved around and before it slammed into San, a giant hand grabbed the car. Two other smaller hands came from the larger hand's fingers and grabbed the two policemen. They started screaming.

San smirked and frowned, "Stop it, shut up! What is wrong with you!? What's with all this noise, be quiet!"

She grasped her ears tightly and shut her eyes. The shadows ripped the two policemen apart, splattering blood everywhere. The entire street was covered in blood along with bits of it that found its way onto Yuko's face. Yuko';s mouth, wide open, let out a bone chilling scream.

San looked toward Yuko, her eyes softening and her hair color brightening up. Her eyes started to water. She hadn't understood exactly what she had done. She had realized, just a bit, just a fraction, of the pain she must of caused to these people. To Yuko, for making him experience his friend massacring a bunch of innocent people. To the others, the ones that had been sent to their graves, they would never see their loved ones again, and what about their loved ones, they would weep. Could this murderer ever understand the pain that she put on the shoulders of these people that she had hurt?

Tears dripped down her cheeks, even though she knew that she would just cause Yuko more pain, seeing a girl cry like that, would tear anyone's heart to shreds. She shook her head and wiped the tears away, "I did...I did...something horrible." She started running off into the distance.

Yuko reached out for her, and just as he was about to stand up, he froze out of fear and shouted, "SAN!"

Yuko finally stood up and stumbled onto the sidewalk. He was trembling as he repeatedly reviewed the happenings of today's events. For some reason this girl that he was chasing reminded him of someone from his past. Though something kept telling him to stop and abandon the girl that tried to kill him, he just kept walking.

Yuko tredged through the rain across another block and stopped. The place that lay in front of him looked like an old park hidden in trees. The old park was covered in moss and had the smell of wetness from the fall of the recent rain.

The boy Yuko looked down towards the mud and spied a couple of foot prints that were the size of a woman's shoe. Yuko thought that they must've been quite new since the rain hadn't washed them away.

The sand scraped across his shoes as he dragged his feet across the sandbox. A gust of wind passed through Yuko's hair and blew through a swing, making a loud screeching noise. Yuko flinched, his paranoid attitude almost kept him from going deeper into the forest.

The boy remained calm as his feet took him to a place, something that resembled a small temple. His vision revealed the girl, San, sitting on the steps under the temple with her head on her knees. Then she started to mumble.

She repeated the words, "I didn't want to be alone anymore in a crowd of people."

Yuko, then heard the cries of the girl and stepped for ward. A branch cracked. San looked up at him, then she looked back down at the stone steps that were drenched with puddles from the rain. It was a mirror that revealed her true self, she saw her sad innocent looking reflection in the water. Again, Yuko walked forward a bit more and paused. The girl did not flinch. Yuko clenched his fists and his expression hardened. Then he reached the steps and sat next to her.

She moved her mouth and out came the words, "Can I tell you a stroy?" She placed her hand on top of his and looked at him with her innocent eyes. He gulped and nodded slowly.
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Kage no hashi volume 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kage no hashi volume 1   Kage no hashi volume 1 EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 7:04 pm

Chapter 6- Encounter

My eyelids opened, and the light of the world flooded in. Truth be told, I had no idea where I was, who I was, and how I had gotten here. All I had was this consciousness. I knew nothing at all about my surroundings . I had no memory of anything before the past few seconds. It was truly a strange feeling.

I stumbled as I lifted my body up onto my to feet. I immediately fell forward, into the mud. I sat back up and crawled along the ground through the dark forest. Simple little breezes ran through my long black hair and brushed against my bare skin. A chill crawled down my spine.

I reached a small play ground and there is where I saw them, the first people I had ever encountered. They were a man and a woman. They had surprised looks brushed across their faces. It was strange, they had pieces of cloth and cotton over their bodies. Then, at that point, I had no idea that you were supposed to walk around wearing these pieces of cloth.

The woman rushed over to me. I just stood there, staring off into space. She set a coat on my shoulders. I looked up at her. Her lips were curled into a smile. In this naive present form, I tried to mimic her. I put my fingers to the edges of my mouth and pulled them into a smile like hers, and she laughed lightly.

"Such a strange girl, "the lady mumbled. "Hey where are your parents?"

To be completely honest, I had absolutely no idea what she was saying. In that moment, all I could do was tilt my head and stare blankly at her as a response.

"Hm, maybe we should take you home and see if we can find your parents," the women suggested.

At the time, I did not know how bad of an idea that probably was so I just bobbed my head up and down, a notion that was called a nod. A response meaning yes.'

The man sighed, "Alright, let's go."

I ran to him, and made a complete fool of myself actually trying to run, but I managed only slightly without falling flat on my face.

So, me, the infant had been brought into this world, and begun it's journey into the vast, yet cruel universe.

It was in the outskirts of town, the place they had taken me and it was supposed to be my home, but I was in for a rude awakening. What seemed good would actually turn into pain and suffering that would lead me to what I would become, a vicious murderer.

I stepped inside of the dwelling and began to explore, I was knocking over stuff and completely trashing the house, though I didn't notice. The man tried to catch up to me, but I was to quick to destroy. The woman just laughed a bit and stared in wonder at my strange behavior.

After I had explored almost the entire home, I found it, what was going to be my room. It was empty and it was bland, but it was mine.

The woman pointed to me and then at herself, "Call me mom. Do you understand."

With an oblivious look on my face, I nodded and repeated, "Mom."

I had no idea of what it meant. To me it was just a name, a word. I didn't understand their language. My thoughts were organized into pictures of things and strange words that did not seem familiar to the language they spoke. Even with them, I felt alone.

Time passed and I grew accustomed to the human way of life; eating breakfast in the morning, sleeping at night, and learning everything I could about this place. The one I called mom taught me how to read and write as well as solve what they call math problems. I learned all sorts of things. Soon, I would be able to attend school where I would meet all kinds of new people. Mom told me it was called, 'the fifth grade.' In human years, I was ten years old and still what they call, 'a child.'

As I slept, the memories came. They were faint, but they were there, like nightmares that I forget as soon as I open my eyes.
I sat up, thinking about the pictures that still remained in my head, in pieces. Words didn't come, only pictures. The pictures were of a place, a place filled with little light. I called the place, "Naraku no Kage." Or Shadow of Hell in English. It reminded me of Hell's burning pits of fire, but it was more of a shadow. A mere glimpse of the depths of Hell. I was there, in that place; Naraku no Kage. That place, did not seem real.

Time passed slowly but surely as I understood this world more and more, and the oblivious look disappeared from my face. It was the first day of school, that Monday morning. Fifth grade began.

The wind passed through my hair and a worried look spread across my face as I stepped onto the concrete ground of the elementary school. This place would change me, it would change my innocence into something that could be called insanity. That was the only word that could possibly describe the events that awaited me in this torture chamber.

First, it was the loneliness that got to me. I couldn't stand watching it; the children laughing and smiling at each other. With each other, and without me. I wanted to join them, that was the only thought that crossed my mind during school. I did not care about the academics. I just wanted to be accepted.

I walked over to a group of kids out on the playground. Assuming they were all nice children, I asked if I could join their game of hide and go seek. A girl smiled at me and answered, "Sure, as long as you're it first."
Tilting her head, I was confused because of the fact that I had no idea what it meant. The word, 'hide' meant to seek refuge or run away while the word 'seek' meant to go find. I deducted that I was the one who was supposed to seek out the other players; that was my guess.

"Um, count to 500 hundred, while we go hide, okay?" the blond child with golden blond hair tied up in silk ribbon demanded.

The other three kids snickered as the girl put her hands over my eyes and led me to a shed. I stepped in, excited that I was actually going to get the chance to earn some friends! I started counted with as much excitement as possible.

"I'll help you, alright?" she said. "I'll tell you when to come out okay, so you don't have to count. You can trust me."

I nodded happily as the girl walked outside of the shed and closed the door.

It felt like forever, in this darkness. Alone again. I wanted her to say the words. To release me from this prison. Silence. Finally, my curiousness took me to the doors of the shed. I pushed and pulled on the door, but it did not budge an inch. Locked in here, I was alone. Tears streamed down my face. It was not the betrayal that got me, it was the terrifying feeling that I might get hurt more next time. The thought of staying here forever crossed my mind. I would be forgotten. That was the worst. The laughs that drained through my ears into my head made it even worse. My eyes would not stop the tears. I sat down in the darkness of the shed; it was hopeless.

There was still enough light to stare at my shadow. It was my one friend at this horrible place. I could talk to it. I could trust it. In the moment I closed my eyes, visions and images filled my mind. They were full of gory terrifying shots of each of the children's death screaming for mercy as they died. I tried to keep calm, but the inescapable truth couldn't escape me, I really wanted them dead. It made me sick inside. I wanted to throw up. I covered my mouth, but then it happened. The door was smashed into bits. Blood dripped down onto the side of the shed. All I could do was scream. Bits of the children were lying across the grass, their organs lying there like they had been dissected. Who the hell could've done this?

I was speechless and the only thought that ran through my mind at the time was, "Are they going to get me next?" The teacher apparently heard my screaming and ran out here to see what was going on. My mom had followed her since I had gone out to the front to go home.

She hugged me, "Were you scared?"

I didn't understand what she was saying because of the shock. All I had to say, was nothing. The only thing on my face was that terrified look.

The next few nights had been sleepless nights. I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen. It was a nightmare consuming the dark corners of my mind. Every time I cried myself to sleep, I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Some of the dreams revealed that I was the criminal, while others told me that my blood would be shed.

School was held off for a week to clean up and investigate the crime scene. Also, it was to make sure that the other kids who heard about it didn't go insane, but I believed that being at school would get my mind off of this torture. Physical and emotional wasn't as bad as these visions.

In the dead of night, it would speak to me. This shadow standing behind me. I feared it. No, I did not fear it, I was terrified of it. Was it the person that killed all of those kids or was it a dark side of myself that wished to destroy everything that caused me harm? But, every time I would turn around, nothing would be there. Absolutely nothing. It was behind me again when I turned around.

Every day I stayed up until eleven to watch the news. I wanted to see if the murderer had been caught yet. But nothing, not yet.

Finally, it came. The five O' clock news. The broadcast I had been waiting for, but it was a huge disappointment that drilled fear further into my mind. The police hadn't found a murder weapon or any suspects. Then it was the pounding on the door that scared me even more.

I shuddered a bit and looked up to see my parents rushing to the door. My dad was carrying a bat, apparently he believed it was that psycho murderer coming to kill us, but when he opened the door, that "killer" were two cops.

"Is your daughter home?" the taller of the two questioned.

Dad lowered the bat and a puzzled look consumed his face. Why were they asking for me? Out of curiosity, I stumbled to the door.

The younger cop spoke cautiously, "We, um...need to take your San, down town. We need to ask her some questions about last week's incident."

The older cop spoke more bluntly. He didn't have the need to hide the truth, "We believe San to be a suspect.

Dad's stare of bewilderment morphed into a glare of rage and disbelief. "How can you expect me to believe your insane theory? How can you accuse my 10-year old daughter of murder?"

"I know it's hard, but there is no evidence to support that she's NOT the criminal. There were no other suspicious fingerprints, not on footprint, and not even a single murder weapon. There is no evidence to support that a weapon such as a gun or knife caused the death of the school children. The only somewhat probable cause is that a small bomb was planted there, but there wasn't any damaged areas where the children died," the younger cop spoke.

"What are you trying to say officer?" father asked. "Do you really believe that a girl no older than ten could've brutally murdered those kids?"

"It's not entirely impossible," the older officer implied.

"No, I won't stand any of this, and I won't let my daughter be harassed with questions by you people."

"I'll go," I disobeyed.

"What?" my puzzled mom interjected.

"I'll go,"I repeated, walking out of the door.

I walked to the police care and opened the door. The officers started up the car and drove me all the way into the city. I peered out the window, without really seeing, I thought in depth about the murder. If it were true; if I had murder those kids, I had no memories of it.

"What were you doing while the children were killed? Where were you?" a policeman questioned after taking me into a dim lit room filled with only a table and two chairs. The place gave me goosebumps.

"They locked me in a shed, I didn't see the murder" I answered. "I SWEAR! I didn't kill them ! How something like that?" I tried not to puke thinking about all of the blood and the thought of me being the murderer.

"What if you know something you're not telling us?" the man guessed. "A certain power, or something like that?"

"What?! That's insane."

"YOU were the only one there who didn't die! You were the only one who could've killed them, it was you wasn't it!?"

I laughed in a whisper which gradually grew louder as the color of my hair darkened into black. "Hehe, but you can't prove that, can you? That's funny!" I laughed, completely losing myself in the process. I knew it now, I HAD killed them.

A scared, and confused expression darted across the officer's face. "What the hell are you talking about!?"
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"Take me home."

The weekend ended and it was time to go back to school. I was afraid. What if my unknown powers destroyed even more lives? I don't think it was possible to keep this locked up inside forever.

A new child had come to the school today. Hana, that was her name. "Flower," is was it meant. Shy as she was, the children gave her now mercy. They treated her worse than even me. They threw paper with insulting notes written on them, calling her names, and abused her in other ways. They tripped her and punched her. She then became my one and only friend, in this place.

We talked, we laughed, and shared our problems with eachother. We would make-fun of the children who tortured us. It was all we could do to justify their wrongs. They made us laugh and that was enough.

It had finally come, that day in which I lost my friend, but either way she would have left. My father had finally let me invite someone over to the house
As we stepped into the door way, Hana stared in amazement. Apparently, it seemed as though she probably lived in a very small home.

"It's so nice, I wish I could live here!" these were Hana's first words in my house.

"Thank you," I replied politely, a bit embarrassed by her comment. "It's not much, but it's home. I suppose."

Without hesitation, Hana ran up the stairs and into my room. Yawning, I followed slowly with little enthusiasm. She sat on my bed and looked at me. Her face faded into a gloomy expression, as if something horrible came to mind.

"I think I should tell you," Hana started.

"Hm, what is it?" I questioned, still naive to what would happen next.

"I'm moving," she finally revealed.

"What?" I asked in disbelief.

"It's true. My dad got a job in America. So we're moving in the summer" she continued.

I couldn't take this anymore. Hana was my one and only friend, and now she was moving?! It wasn't fair, what had I done to deserve this? Why couldn't it be those damned bullies who were moving? No! I won't allow this to happen.

Clenching my fists, I spoke slowly and angrily, "No, you're not."

"What?" she asked.

"I said you're not going!"



Then, again, it happened. Blood covered the floor of my room. The girl looked like she had been ripped to pieces by some unknown force, but even though I had no idea who or what had done this, I felt as if it was my fault somehow. All I could do was stand there; stand there and cry softly. Either way, I had lost my best friend.

I waited until both of my parents had fallen asleep. I took Hana's body downstairs. I stepped as quietly as I could possibly manage, and I was also extremely careful to make sure that now blood dripped to the ground.

This was a reckless act, because I had panicked. What if I were to get caught? If I wasn't charged with murder, I could be considered an accomplice.

I walked quickly and silently to the park through the forest. Luckily most people were asleep at 2:00 in the morning.

I had decided that I was going to dump Hana's body in the stream. Well, it wasn't a body, more like broken down pieces of one. There was no murder weapon, so how could they possibly trace it back to me. I mean they could prove I was the last one that she was in contact with, but there was no way the police could imprision me without a cause of murder. There was only one problem that was left; how could I possibly keep this to myself? I am a murderer; a monster. Nothing more.

My eyes were glued to the lifeless body that was floating down the stream. All I could do was stand, watch and tremble knowing that I couldn't bring her back. I could only kill.

When I got back home, I didn't sleep. The next phase of my cover up was to remove the bloodstain from the carpet. Using some stain remover and a sponge I managed to take out some of the blood. As I tried to erase the past, the tears from my eyes would not disappear. They became apart of this memory; soaked in the carpet.

I grabbed the rug that was next to my door and placed it over the bloodstain. Finally, the last thing I did that night was crawl into my bed and cry myself to sleep.

I had killed another human. That made me a monster. After this, I couldn't go back and I could not tell anyone about this. My innocence disappeared, just like Hana's dismembered corpse.

Morning came more slowly than any other night of my life. Each hour, I awoke from terrifying nightmares of murdering my parents. I was afraid to close my eyes; afraid of myself.

Morning arrived and I entered the kitchen where mom was cooking breakfast.

"Where did your friend go?" she asked.

"I looked down in sadness as I searched for an answer, "She walked home alone really early this morning. She said she wasn't feeling well."

"Is that so?"

I nodded, "Where's dad?"

"He had to work today."

"But, it's Saturday."

"They were short staff at the clinic today, sorry."

I pouted and stared out the window, "But, Today's my birthday, and he said he'd be home."

"I know, but I'm sure he'll be back before the day's over."

"Yeah," I replied.

I waited and waited, my patience thinning each passing moment. Why wasn't he home yet? Surely the clinic was closed by now. Maybe he ran away because he had found out my dark secret. I continued to stare at the flames of the candles that decorated my birthday cake. The sunset fell and the light in the kitchen dimmed until the only sources of light were the flames of the candles. I blew them out as a sign of defeat. He wasn't coming.

I walked over to the sofa and turned on the tv. "Mom? Can you save that cake for when dad comes back?"

"Sure" she answered, walking into the living room.

My eyes widened as I stared at the picture displayed on the tv. It was my dad. An accident, it had made the news. Apparently a drunk driver had slammed into the front of my dad's car, yelling that he was going to take some kind of revenge or something. Both of them were killed in the collision.

Mom dropped the plates she was carrying and her head turned to the tv.

I couldn't cry, it was too shocking. I wanted to scream. It was frightening, and unfair. Why? Why couldn't I do anything but sit here, and watch mom burst into tears.

Then the phone rang and I sprinted into the kitchen to answer it. I didn't recognize the voice.

"Hello? Is this the Mizurei residence?" the voice asked.

I narrowed my eyes and replied coldly, "Yes."

"Is this the daughter of the household? I'm sorry to say, but your father has been killed.

I grit my teeth and slammed the phone down on the receiver. I knew that already!? Why did you have to tell me? You only made my wounds deeper. The phone rang once again and I answered it angrily.

It was a woman's voice, she sounded worried, "Have you seen Hana? She hasn't come back home."

I made up another lie, "What? But she said she would walk home from my house. I watched her walk away."

"I'm sorry for bothering you, I'll go look around." She hung up.

That whole night, I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. It felt like there was this huge hole in my heart.

The next day, we went down to the police to confirm his death. I tried to keep my eyes closed the whole time, but when I saw it, I couldn't help crying. It was so unfair.

It had been one month since my father had passed away. My mom kept her distance from me. She had found someone to replace Dad, but I tried my best to stay away from him. Today was the day of his funeral and I had to keep myself from crying for I feared mom's little friend would punish me for being weak. It really bothered me, that HE was now living here. I try to keep quiet and stay in my room. Sometimes he would barge into my room, usually drunk, and punch or slap me because he thought it was funny. My mom would just stand there, encouraging him for she feared being beaten as well. She was afraid.

I stared into the mirror. I wore a black dress for the funeral. It reminded me; Dad was dead. I slowly stepped down the stairs. No one was in sight. I guess they were out in the car already. I walked outside, opened the back door of the car and sat down in the seat.

"You're late! We were just about to leave without you, brat!" the man in the front seat shouted.

He was sitting in Dad's seat, and he was driving Dad's old car, no matter how beaten up it was, it was still Dad's car. It angered me that he thought he could replace Dad. I kept quiet, holding my tongue.

I stared at Dad's grave, and tried not to think about him much. I couldn't cry. No, I wouldn't cry.

Through most of the ceremony, Mom and that man were gone. What were they doing that was more important than this?

When the ceremony had ended, I walked towards the car, and there I saw it. The two of them, Mom and that guy, kissing. I could only clench my fists and grit my teeth. I was silent, and this was pathetic.

"It's over. Let's go." I finally said, opening the car door and slamming it shut.

I think he heard me, but ignored my words. I couldn't stand watching this, I thought I was going to be sick. The vision of running into the tree with the car crossed my mind, but I didn't have the keys with me. All I managed to do, was honk the car's horn. That man looked down at me, glaring. I knew I should just back off. I then decided to walk home by myself.

I had fallen asleep at the table, waiting for mom to come home. The sound of the door opening and shutting woke me. Her and that man were standing at the doorway. I glanced at the window, the night had passed, and it was morning.

"Where were you?" I questioned.

"We decided to stay at a resort and casino out of town for the night," Mom answered.

That bothered me beyond comprehension. They left me here all night just so they could go have fun, gamble and get drunk?

"What were you doing?" I asked.

That man ran up to me and pulled me out of the chair. He then grabbed me by my shoulders, crushing me. He pinned me to the wall.

"It's none of your damn business! Stupid brat! Us adults can do whatever we want without your permission!" he yelled into my ear.

"Stop! She didn't know" Mom defied.


The man let go of me, and I fell to the ground. The man punched my mother.

"Don't question my authority, woman!" he said grabbing her by the neck, choking her.

"Let go of her, you bastard!" I stumbled to my feet, but as soon as I got up, he kicked me into the wall. Coughing up blood, I clutched my stomach.

Mother grabbed his arm, but he ripped them away and threw her to the ground. He kept kicking her until she stopped moving. The moment I saw the blood spread out onto the floor, I knew she was dead. He killed her. He killed her!

I rose to my feet, "Get out!"

"What? You don't order me around!" he took a step towards me.

I looked at the ground, my shadow had moved. It grabbed the arms of the man's shadow and ripped them apart. Blood rained onto my head and I looked up. What happened to the man's shadow, happened to him. His head dropped to the ground and I sat in the blood, laughing and crying.

"I ran from the house, but eventually the police caught me, arrested me and sent me to a facility for crazy murderers," San finished her story.

Yuko had a terrified look spread out across his face.

"Scream and run. Like everyone else."

To San's surprise, she was taken into the hands of Yuko. He held her tight with his arms around her waist.

"I'm sorry," was all that he said. He let go and looked towards the direction of the park. "Who's that?"

A young girl stood there, wet and alone with her long black hair as the only shelter from the rain.
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