One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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 The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident

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The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident Empty
PostSubject: The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident   The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident EmptySun Jun 07, 2009 12:16 am

Chapter One: What an Ass

The air was calm. You could hear the slow, balanced, breathes of the students. You could also hear a pin drop, which it did. A few students snickered at the thought of the joke. An African American student, Virgil Bailey, looked over at his friend, Torak Bannister.

Virgil is 5” 10’ with an oversized “Huey Afro.” At the top right is a black pick with a fist at the end. He is olive colored, and wears a white wife beater, with white Dickies shorts and white sneakers. He is tall, and has a slightly over average muscle build. On his right forearm, Virgil has a tattoo of a lightning bolt that runs down to his forefinger. Around the lightning bolt are sparks of electricity.

Torak is an American Indian. He is 6” 1’ with low cut hair. He is a dark olive color and wears a black tee shirt, with golden long sleeves and black jeans. His sneakers are gold and black. His muscles are noticeably bigger than Virgil’s are and he seems to be tougher than he is. On his left palm, wriggling around to the back of his arm is the tattoo of a black snake, with haze surrounding it!

Conversing through their own invented language, Torak translated the answer to number seventeen to Virgil. Virgil made a face.

“That can’t be it…” Virgil whispered. He had been scanning at the calculations repeatedly and Torak’s answer just did not compute. Instead of “B” as an answer, Virgil continued to arrive at “D.”

“Are you going to trust your intellect, as a replacement for of mine? That’s not a high-quality suggestion,” Torak, in a hushed whisper retorted back to him the ghost of a grin forming on his lips.

Virgil grumbled, erasing “D” from his bubble sheet carefully and bubbled in “B.” He winked thanks and continued.

Their teacher was on her computer clacking the keys as thunderously as she possibly could to aggravate her students. Everybody knew that she despised her third period class and did everything to hassle them. This was just her latest scheme to bother them. It only sucked because her class was taking an Algebra Two Final.

Mrs. Escobar stood from behind her desk and exclaimed. “Bailey, Bannister! You would not be cheating… would you? If you were then you would also be serving a detention… for the rest of the school year. I don’t care if it is only a week away from the last day, I’ll make your school life a living hell.”

Virgil coughed and mumbled that she was an ass for saying that. He turned around and smiled widely. The smile almost touched each ear. “No way, Mrs. Escobar, I don’t cheat. I’m too good for that, and so is ‘Bannister’ here,” He respectfully replied. He looked over at Torak for him to add something in.

As Torak opened his mouth, the bell rang. It was the most annoying thing he has heard all period, besides Mrs. Escobar and her computer. The students passed over their bubble sheets and test papers to the right, then all the way to the front for Mrs. Escobar to pick up.

“Bannister and Bailey, I would love to have a chat with you. Everybody else, you are dismissed,” Mrs. Escobar said to her third period as they left single file out her classroom. Virgil sat on a desk while Torak leaned against a wall next to Virgil. “It has come to my attention that you two have been cheating all year. Not only has this nasty rumor circulated in my math class, but in Mr. Lanz’s science class as well.”

Virgil and Torak looked at each other, using all of the inner strength not to smile or chuckle. Every word of that claim was true, but the day they admitted it to a teacher would be the day people agreed that Michael Jackson did not touch those boys, and stop making jokes about it.

“Do you have any proof, Mrs. Escobar?” Torak asked her.

“Yes, in fact I do. You both have the same grades in our two classes a,” Mrs. Escobar started before being cut off by Torak.

“That isn’t much proof of anything, except we are rather good students in those two classes. You couldn’t possibly accuse us of anything with that pitiful evidence,” He said, feeling rather smart.

“Ah, I’ve thought of that. However, I also uncovered a circle of cheaters in this class. They do not have as much mind power as you two have. That’s why they have snitched on the both of you as well as their other partners,” Mrs. Escobar said grinning.

Torak gulped, which is when it was Virgil’s turn. “So, basically you have their word against ours? What good will those do to you in court? You see, Mrs. Escobar, in the real word, you need actual proof. Video footage might help. So would us admitting it, although we will not. Since it’s not true and we don’t want to sully our appearance on our college transcripts.”

Mrs. Escobar, in a very shrill voice replied, “Listen here, you two hooligans. You may have won this time,” She started before being cut off, again.

“Excuse us, Mrs. Escobar, but we are late for Senora Castaneda’s class. She’s our foreign language teacher you know,” Virgil said, dragging Torak out of the room.
On their way out of the classroom, Virgil and Torak caught a glimpse of Alistair Paradizo. She was officially, the most attractive girl in school. Alistair is 5” 9’ with tight brunette corkscrew curls. She is just lighter than olive skin color, similar to Jazmine’s skin tone from The Boondock’s, and wears faded bluish jeans with a white Aeropostle shirt that stops at her mid-stomach and black sneakers. On the small of her back, is a shark tattoo her father said she could not have and on her left cheek is a small mole. Other than the miniscule mole, her skin is flawless. She is, considered the most gorgeous sight in all of high school.

Virgil along with Torak, walked toward Alistair’s locker. Torak was the wingman, as he did not really share the rest of the male’s opinion of her being the ‘cutest lil’ thing.’ He would rather have a girl that knows how to get dirty.

“So Alistair, how are you today?” Virgil asked.
Alistair glanced at him. “Oh? Is Torak going to talk to me today? What happened yesterday, Torak? I was counting on you,” She replied, flustered.
Torak looked down ashamed. “Sorry, Ally. It was Virgil’s fault. You see, he was in a fight and I helped him out.”

Virgil was dumbfounded. How could he blame it on him? How could Torak not tell him that he was good friends with the prettiest girl in school? “You know her Torak? Like, seriously know her?”
Torak nodded, then averted his eyes to a menacingly, revolting, humanoid creature walking down the hallway. Well, he was not revolting. In fact, he was your average inner-city jock. Arrogant, stupid, ignorant, rude… they could all describe him. He was the football quarterback, Tyson.

“Get away from my girl, Virgil,” Tyson yelled at him, throwing a punch toward him. Thankfully, Torak caught the punch. He glanced from Tyson’s gaze to Virgil who was smirking.

“You’re girl? Last time I checked, Alistair was single. So you must be mistaken,” Virgil replied moving Torak aside. Without warning, Virgil popped Tyson in the mouth. He followed up with a left hook, connecting it to his jawbone. This alone caused a horde of students to surround the two. Most of the people cheered on Virgil, because he was gangster. The rest cheered on Tyson because if they did not he would rearrange their faces.

Tyson was thunderstruck. ‘How could somebody move that fast… especially this kid, who doesn’t even play sports,’ Tyson backed up a few, then charged at Virgil with his arms tucked in and shoulder out. He bombarded Virgil and knocked the breath out of him, sending him to the ground below. As if it were wrestling, he jumped and stuck his elbow out to catch Virgil in the chest.

“Idiot,” was all Virgil said before the fight was over. He rolled to the right, dodging Tyson’s elbow attack. That alone declared Virgil’s victory. Two hundred pounds falling at that rate could fracture the bone. However, that is not what stopped the fight. It was Alistair, who screamed. Torak stood next to her, his ears plugged.

“Stop fighting! For the last time Tyson, I’m NOT your girlfriend!”
This claim and the shrill scream put Tyson in such disarray that he angrily walked away muttering ghastly words about Alistair and Virgil. The students also left in groups of threes and twos. The self-proclaimed headmaster’s office was little ways away. As if he once donned the bat suit, Headmaster Lisena appeared in front of Virgil.

“Virgil. My office, five minutes,” Headmaster Lisena demanded.

“Yes, Principal Lisena,” Virgil replied.

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The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident   The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident EmptySun Jun 07, 2009 2:08 am

That is so awesome. Tyson got pwned~ Please continue on. XD [Note: I LOVE THE SCROLLING THING. >.>]

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The Olympian Trio: Thievery Incident
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