One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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 A Lone Vampire

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PostSubject: A Lone Vampire   A Lone Vampire EmptyTue May 26, 2009 3:50 am

ALV (A Lone Vampire) was originally written on November 21st, 2008, but when "problems" hit the CL forums, it was deleted. I am going to be reposting re-written chapters, and then continue on with the new chapters here, and will also be reposting them on the CL forum (When I feel like it.). I want to note, that yes, the "vampire" terms that I use come from both Twilight and outside sources, but mostly Twilight. I will probably be using things like how vampires in Twilight have "powers" of sorts, how they are able to be killed, etc. And the Twilight series was written by Stephanie Meyers. blah blah, blah... However, I also want to note that, as I am using things from Twilight, this story has nothing to do with Twilight it's self. This is something that I had come up with on my own and thought it would be fun to include some people I knew into it. Anyway, enough of my ranting on what-not. You came to read a story, so here it is. XD


This story does contain violence and minor cursing/swearing. And of course the occasional stalker or two.


First Chapter: “On the run...”


A lone girl ran swiftly through the quiet forest. She ran past dominating oaks and towering pines. She knew there were others that were following her. She could practically feel them breathing down her neck. She had to get away from them; she knew what they would do to her if they caught her. They would rip her apart and burn her. She couldn’t dare to let that happen. She continued onward, making sure to not snag on a branch or a bush as she felt the cool air rush past her.

A small group of four had followed after a young girl that looked to be only sixteen; but they all knew how truly dangerous she could be, despite how she looked now. Not that they themselves were any different from her. The leader of the group waved her hand, almost in a flagging-like motion, and two of the four split off. One went to the left, while the other went to the right. The leader and the last of the group followed behind the girl.

The girl had continued to run and she than came upon a river. She allowed herself to smile a bit. She knew that she could hide her scent with it, but before she could cross it, she heard a gruff voice bellow from behind her.

“Hello, newborn.” She wheeled about to face a very large man who looked about 25, and he was well over six feet, at about 6”6. She looked up to his face, and she met a pair of cold, dark russet eyes. He was very well built and he had dark brown hair and tanned, but pale skin. He wore a plain red shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. The man sighed and shook his head.

“It’s a pity that a newborn such as yourself has to die,” he said to her. He lunged at her, but the girl quickly jumped away from him; out of range for the attack. She started to run again, but before she could get even a foot away, a second, but much smaller man stood in front of her.

“Please, resisting won’t do you much good, undead sucka.” He said with a sinister smile. This one looked about 19, and stood at about 5”7 or 5”8, but he still towered over the girl. His eyes were a deep burgundy color as opposed to the other man’s.

The leader and the one with her caught up to the three of them. The leader smiled. “It’s a little surprising how resilient you’ve proven to be. Most newborns don’t have that instinct yet. I might even say that I’m impressed...” The leader smirked to herself. The girl looked quickly between the four of them.

The leader that came was female, and looked almost like she belonged at a studio or a high-end dinner club instead of in the middle of a forest. She was wearing a dark blue satin jacket with a red blouse underneath and had matching pants. She stood at about 5”5 and she looked about 20. She also had light, emerald green eyes and light, auburn brown hair. She also had very fair skin.

The one that had come with the leader was male and looked about 21, but much shorter then all of them, even the girl, at 4”8. He didn’t look to be very strong, and he wore a grey sweat jacket and very light brown khaki pants. He had light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His skin matched that of the leader’s.

The girl felt herself beginning to panic, but she didn’t let it show on her face. She eyed a boulder that was blocking most of the flow of the river; almost like a dam. The leader caught sight of the same boulder, and looked quickly at the girl. The girl just smiled and quickly bolted towards it. The leader snarled loudly and followed after the girl. The girl got to the boulder first and went across it quickly. She glanced back to see that the leader following after her, and snarling at her.
The girl jumped to the other side of the boulder and started to push with all of her strength to move it. The leader leapt on top of it and as she was about to lunge at the girl, she had already forced the boulder forward and watched the leader jump off of it and onto the other side of the river where the rest of the group was while the sound of rushing water pierced the silence of the forest. The girl panted as she ran off into the forest away from the group again. The leader snarled.

“We’ll have her yet...”

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PostSubject: Re: A Lone Vampire   A Lone Vampire EmptyThu May 28, 2009 6:37 pm

Second Chapter: “New places with unfamiliar faces.”

The girl ran through the forest. She was extremely happy that she was no longer being followed and she soon reached the edge of the forest. She stopped and looked down the hill to see a small town. She slowly walked towards the town and sighed deeply. “I hope that there isn’t anyone like them in this town...”


When the girl entered the town, she saw a girl around her age walking towards her. That girl had light brown hair that was long and she had brown eyes. She was also wearing a silvery T-shirt and blue jeans. As the light haired girl walked towards her, she ducked out of the way and was going to wait until the other girl passed. However, the light haired girl did not. She stopped and turned to face her.

“You’re, uh, new, huh?” The light haired girl asked. The girl nodded. The light haired girl smiled, although it looked a bit phony. “My name’s Kendra.” The light haired girl, Kendra, replied. “What’s your name?” Kendra asked her, as the girl looked at her again.

“Uh, m-my name is...” The girl trailed off. It showed in her face that she might not have even remembered it.

“Well?” Kendra asked, getting a little bit impatient.

“M-My name is Kira.” The girl finally stuttered; it was as if a light bulb went off in her head. Kendra smiled lightly.

“Wasn’t so bad, hm?” Kira laughed a little and Kendra did as well. A woman watched them from a distance.

So, that is the newborn. The woman thought to herself with a half-smile. It’s a good thing they didn’t get her.

“So, where is this place?” Kira asked her as they began to walk together.

“This is Jameston,” Kendra replied. Kira looked around. Weird that she doesn’t even know where she is. Kendra thought to herself, but she said nothing.

“It’s so quiet here...” Kira said as she breathed in the air. Just like Lerona used to be...

“Yeah, more like boring.” Kendra retorted and Kira looked back at her. “This town never gets anything even slightly exciting. It never changes,” Kendra said. Kira nodded a bit in understanding. Kendra looked at Kira’s eyes and she noticed something. “Are your eyes... red?” She asked questioningly, leaning closer to her. Kira started to feel panic as she sought some sort of excuse.

“N-No, I, um-” Kendra cut her off and gasped, pulling away a little bit.

“Are you a vampire?!” She cried, almost in a half whisper. Kira felt fear start to replace the panic.

“N-No! These are just contacts!” She said quickly with a half-smile. “How silly. A vampire...” Kira forced a quiet laugh. “How do you know about vampires?” Kira asked, trying to change the subject. Kendra smirked.

“I’ve read a lot of books on them and stuff. I kinda have my own theories...” Kira let out an inner sigh. She was happy the subject changed. How would a human have reacted to an actual vampire?

“What are some of them?” Kira asked reluctantly, not wanting Kendra to go back to the “eye color” topic.

“Like how some of them have powers, and that their eyes change color after a while. I don’t really think they can die with a stake to their heart, or anything like that either.” Kendra answered.

“O-Oh.” Kira muttered. She went back to the eyes again...

If she is one, there might be some way to find out… Kendra thought to herself. “Those are really weird contacts...” Kendra muttered quietly, though Kira could easily hear her.

“What was that?” Kira said. She looked at Kendra and Kendra’s eyes lit up.

“I knew it!” She screamed. Kira backed up a little. Crap!

“You are one! Only a vampire would’ve heard that!” Kendra smiled, very pleased with her accomplishment. Kira shook her head quickly.

“No I’m not.” Kira forced a laugh. “My mother always told me that I had excellent hearing. I’ve always been able to hear other people like that...” Kendra narrowed her eyes.

“That’s a lie. Even a person with the best hearing couldn’t have heard that.” Kendra pressed.

Crap, crap, think of something. “W-Well, I-“ Kendra cut her off.

“Come on! I wouldn’t tell anyone if you didn’t want me to!” Kendra said with a smile. Kira looked away.

I suppose since I can’t think of anything I might as well tell her. Kira sighed a little. “I am a vampire. And please, don’t tell anyone.”

Kendra smiled again. “It’s a promise!” Kira returned a wary smile.


The group of four had finally reached the edge of the woods. The leader looked down at the town.

“Hm...” She said trailing off. The youngest one looked at her.

“Yoh, aren’t we gonna go get her?” He asked, sounding a bit snippy.

“Shut up, Dequan.” She snarled at him. “As I remember this is where those Giles’ live...” She mumbled before she walked down towards Jameston. The eldest one looked down at the golden brown boy.

“You know what happens if you get on her nerves, Dequan.” The man said to him. Dequan just shrugged lightly.

“Yeah, I do. But you should know that I’ve never cared, Haizo.” Dequan smirked while Haizo just chuckled. The last one looked between them nervously.

“S-Shouldn’t we catch up?” He asked them. Haizo and Dequan glanced back at him.

“Mhm, probably should...” Dequan muttered. He made a face at Haizo, to which Haizo chuckled at under his breath. Dequan smiled and he walked off to go trail behind Lust. Haizo looked down at the short man.

“If I were you, Luke, I wouldn’t be nervous around Lust...” Haizo said as he walked off, following after Dequan. Luke sighed nervously and followed them both.
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PostSubject: Re: A Lone Vampire   A Lone Vampire EmptyFri May 29, 2009 12:08 am

Interesting, I need to read more to form an opinion but its kinda standard right now.

Oh and a small tip, you stab anything into anyone's heart, they die.

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PostSubject: Re: A Lone Vampire   A Lone Vampire EmptyTue Jun 02, 2009 2:43 am

We know she doesn't have a chance, because a beast is after her. Please post the next chaptah.
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PostSubject: Re: A Lone Vampire   A Lone Vampire EmptyTue Aug 04, 2009 2:35 am

So here it FINALLY is. Chapter Three. (Please note that I hate this chapter with a passion. Because it took so long. But I'm slightly pleased with how it turned out...)

Third Chapter: “The Epic Battle...”


Kira had been following Kendra to her home. Kira had explained that she had nowhere to go and Kendra had offered to let her stay. Kira was staring down at the ground while following Kendra.

'If those people are still following me, should I be with Kendra?' She thought. 'She could get hurt because of me, or worse. I might not be able to stop it...'

“Is something wrong?” Kendra asked, looking back at Kira. Kira looked up at her, but before she could speak, she heard a woman’s voice behind her.

“Hm, so you are the child...” Kira jumped a bit and turned around to come face-to-face with the woman who had spoken, and looked up at her. She had soft, lovely, blue eyes. They were so much kinder then Kendra’s had been when they had first met.

“W-What do you mean...?” Kira asked quietly. The woman hadn’t answered her, but she seemed to be studying her. Kendra looked between the two of them.

“Mrs. Giles?” She asked. The woman smiled.

“Come with me, child. You may come as well, if you would like too, Kendra.” She said, and walked off. Kira slowly followed her, with Kendra right behind her.

“Who is Mrs. Giles?” Kira whispered to Kendra while the two followed after the woman.

“Her name is Mrs. Emma Giles. She lives with her husband, Mr. Joseph Giles, in their small mansion.” Kendra whispered back to her. Kira looked at the woman again. She appeared to be at least 28 with light blond hair with a very pale, creamy tone to her skin. Her hair looked as though it had been bleached at one point. She was wearing a ivory blouse and a matching skirt. Emma looked back to them and smiled.

"I’m sure you are both hungry.” She said to herself, although she was looking mostly at Kira. “I’ll feed you when we get there.” Kira forced a smile, but she still didn’t entirely trust the woman. The three of them soon came upon the mansion. The mansion was large; it looked like it had at least three stories. The outside walls were painted an inconspicuous light brown color, and had three small stairs that led up to the semi-decorated door.

Kendra looked at Kira and Kira looked at Kendra. Kira shrugged and followed Emma, who had already walked inside the mansion. Kendra also followed them. As they walked into the foyer, Kira saw portraits of a few people she didn’t recognize that were hanging on the wall in ornate frames. There was a grand staircase that reached the second level, and it stretched to both wings of the mansion. The stairs had gold railings and a calming blue rug that was draped on the stairs. The flooring was marble tiles and the four pillars that stood at each corner were marble as well. The mansion almost seemed to be something that you would have a dream about. A man walked toward them with a light smile on his face.

“Hello, Emma.” He said, kissing her on the cheek gently. Emma smiled and kissed his cheek before looking at the two girls again. "And who are these two?"

“Girls, this is my husband, Joseph.” Emma said. “Joseph, this is Kendra and Kira.” Joseph nodded to Kendra and looked at Kira, stealing a quick glance at her eyes. He nodded slightly to himself.

“Hello to you both.” Joseph said with a smile. Joseph appeared to be about 30 years of age and he had sandy brown hair, and his skin matched that of his wife's. He was wearing a unbuttoned light grey dress jacket with a white undershirt and black dress pants. The thing that stood out the most about him was that his eyes were ebony black. Kira stared into them for a long while. She finally tore her gaze away from him.

"I-I'm sorry, that was... rude to do." Kira muttered quietly, trying to find the right words. Joseph chuckled slightly.

"It's alright. It unnerves quite a few people, and I can understand why." He pat her on the shoulder gently. "There's no hard feelings."

"Could I ask why your eyes are like that, if it's not too rude...?" Kira asked him. Joseph shook his head.

"It's a condition I've had for a while." Joseph stated. "It's called Aniridi, it's very rare."

"Oh, I see." She looked around the mansion again and looked up at him.

“I, uh... I know this probably sounds rude too, but you live here?” Kira asked, failing to hide the awe in her voice.

Joseph laughed slightly. “Yes, and we own it as well. I haven’t seen you in town, Kira. Do you live close by?”

'Ha ha, close by...' Kira mused to herself. “No, I don’t. I’m kinda from out of town...” She admitted sheepishly.

“Would you need a place to stay?” Joseph asked her. Kira looked at Kendra and Kendra nodded slightly.

"Yes I do." Kira admitted.

"Then you can stay here." Joseph offered with a smile. "Get them settled in, Emma." He muttered quietly to her before walking away.


Lust walked into the town and stopped. She sniffed the air, and after a few moments she slowly started to follow Kira’s scent trail towards the town square with the others following behind her.

Dequan was walking a ways behind her, with Haizo walking next to him. He looked up at Haizo. “You know, it’s like Lust’s a bloodhound.” He whispered. “Sniffing out the prey for her hunters. And when they find it, she sits down on her lazy ass and watches them fight.” Haizo held back a chuckle.

“I’m sure that’s probably true, in a way…” He said in agreement. “Maybe she-“ He was cut off by a snarl from Lust.

“Will you two shut up about me?” She mumbled.

Haizo looked down at Dequan. Dequan just grinned, showing a bit of his fangs. “I’m surprised that you can hear us at all. Seeing as how you’re pushing on in the years as it is. I mean come on, you should be in a nursing home. You know? Pushing one of those walker things?”

Lust stopped in her tracks. Before Dequan could duck out of the way, Lust was already lunging for him.

Haizo laughed under his breath and pushed Dequan out of the way gently, so that Lust fell face-first onto the ground. “He’s got a point.” Haizo said. Lust mumbled angrily and stood up. She walked past them and Dequan looked up at Haizo.

“Thanks for the save.” He said.

Haizo just nodded. “It’s not a problem.”

Lust walked into the town square and mumbled to herself. She sniffed the air and growled. “The newborn was here...” She muttered to herself. Dequan stood next to her.

“Chick, chill.” He said calmly. She just snarled at him.

“You have no idea what they would do to us, do you?” Lust glared at him, but he didn’t take any notice.

“Yeah, yeah, I do... But look.” He had pointed to the spot where Kira and Kendra had met up. Lust smiled but then stopped.

“It’s that old hag’s scent... She was here too. They already found her first.” She snarled.

“Well. You’re one to call someone old, aren’t you? We should go buy you a walker. Haizo’ll pay for it. And we’ll paint flames on it so you can feel like you were going faster.” Dequan commented, seeming to ignore anything past ‘old hag’. He also noted hearing Haizo mumble a 'Why would I have to pay for it?' and grinned. Lust turned to him and drew her arm back to punch him in the face. Haizo grabbed her arm gently.

“Please don’t fight in public, it would make us look bad.” Haizo said sarcastically. Lust snarled and pulled away from him. Dequan, starting to be somewhat serious, said:

“We’ll follow the newborn’s scent, and if we find her, we find her. If we don’t, we don’t.” Lust glared at him. Haizo walked past them both towards the mansion.

“Come on, children...” He said, sounding half serious. Dequan laughed a bit, but Lust just sighed. Luke looked at the three of them as they all walked off. He followed quickly.


Kira watched as Emma set a plate of food in front of Kendra, who was sitting at the table in the dining room. Emma turned and walked back to the kitchen and called for Kira to follow her. Emma smiled when Kira came in, and said in a low voice: “I'm sure that you're hungry too, aren‘t you?” Kira nodded. Emma opened the refrigerator and pulled out a IV bag of blood, much like one would see in a hospital. “Here,” she said. Kira took it.

“You knew?” Kira asked her. Emma nodded and smiled.

“I’m a vampire as well and so is Joseph.” Emma answered her. Kira drank it quickly and smiled. Emma looked out the window.

“Thank you.” Kira said. “Was it because of my eyes that you knew?” She asked. Emma nodded a little.

“Yes…” Emma said, sounding distracted by something that was moving outside of the mansion. “They're here..." Emma mumbled to herself. Kira tilted her head.

“Who...?” Emma looked at Kira; all traces of her pleasantness were gone from her face.

“Those trackers that followed you.” She said. Kendra had been peering in the kitchen, seeming to have heard the last half of it.

“Kira has been followed?” Kendra asked, as she nibbled on the last bite of her food. Emma nodded and walked to the foyer. Kira followed her out of the kitchen. Kendra finished the bite and got up. She followed after them both quickly.


As they arrived at the foyer; they were greeted with cold glares. Lust was standing at the door of the mansion. Dequan was to her left while Haizo stood to her right. Emma came to a stop at the top of the stairs with Kira following after her.

“Hello, old hag.” Lust said with a smile. Emma glared down at them. Kira stopped beside Emma, and looked down at them. She looked at Kendra from the corner of her eye and looked back at them.

'She's only human. Could she fight against them?'

“All we want is her.” Haizo said, pointing to Kira. “Just give her to us, and we’ll leave you alone...” Emma snarled slightly. Lust snarled back. Kira glanced at Kendra again, who hadn't seemed to mind the snarling from the two vampires.

“Over my dead body,” Emma said. Lust smiled.

“Very well,” Lust said. Dequan was already up the flight of stairs by the time Lust had finished. He grabbed Kira and threw her down the stairs quickly. He was about to go after her again, but Emma grabbed him by the neck and threw him into a wall. Kendra ran down the stairs to get try to Kira, skipping a few stairs as she went. She knelt down to check on Kira, but Haizo lifted Kendra up. Kendra glared at him and punched at his face.

“Nice try, little one.” Haizo growled a little. He grabbed her fist and punched Kendra in the face instead, but Kendra moved her head out of the way. Lust smiled and lunged at Kira. Kira dodged out of the way quickly, and looked at Lust.

“Why do you want me?” Lust smirked a little.

“Well child, you weren’t supposed to happen at all. Those vampires that came for you and your family..." Lust shrugged. “They were just hungry. Nothing personal, but they must’ve gotten full. And then they just decided to turn you-” Kira snarled a little, cutting her off.

“Shut up!” Kira yelled. Kendra and Emma both looked over to them. Lust smiled again and lunged at Kira. Kira snarled again and dodged out of the way. Kira grabbed Lust’s arm and threw her into one of the walls as the paintings shook. Lust got up quickly, and lunged for her again but was grabbed by her neck from behind. Joseph snarled down at her.

“Get out of this house.” He demanded. Lust snarled up at him.

“I’ll kill you here then, old man,” Lust said. Emma looked at him.

“Joseph...” Joseph threw her at Dequan, who easily ducked in time.

"Ha ha, sorry Lust." Dequan looked at her. Lust hit the wall again and flipped up.

"You're going to be sorry for that." Lust mumbled. Kendra tried to punch Haizo in the face again, and connected, though Haizo didn't look hurt in the slightest.

“Ha!” She smirked.

“I’ve forgotten how weak humans really are...” Haizo mumbled, and kicked her away. Kendra then also hit the wall. Dequan smiled a little while he watched Emma. "Come on Grandma, you're as bad as Lust over there." Emma didn't react to it and she waited for him to go. But just before Dequan was going to attack, Lust snarled loudly.

“Come on, we’re leaving...” Dequan and Haizo looked over to her, a look of disbelieve on both of their faces.

'I wonder if it was that Grandma comment. It wasn't directed at her though.' Dequan thought. Haizo mouthed something to her and Lust mouthed something back. Joseph snarled and lunged for Lust, but she moved out of the way. She ran quickly towards the doors and ran out. Dequan glanced at Kira, and stared at her for a moment. He turned and quickly followed after Lust and Haizo also followed him out.

Emma growled and looked at Kendra and Kira. "Are you two alright?" Kira nodded. Kendra stood up slowly and mumbled.

“Owww...” She said, holding her head. "I'm okay, I just hit my head really hard..." Kendra said. Kira looked at Emma.

“Emma... Did that girl tell me the truth...?” Kira asked her quietly. Emma sighed.

“She might have,” Emma said. Kira looked away. “Maybe you can think about it better if you get some rest." Emma suggested. Kira nodded.

'I just hope that she wasn't telling the truth...'
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A Lone Vampire Nwsig2
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PostSubject: Re: A Lone Vampire   A Lone Vampire EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 1:35 am

<3 Continuing NAO PLZ

Fourth Chapter: “A new ally."


Lust walked down a long hallway with Dequan, Haizo, and Luke following her. The hall was dimly lit, and all of them were silent. Lust stopped at a set of large doors. "Stay out, Luke." She mumbled. Luke nodded, and stopped a few feet away. Haizo and Dequan stopped next to her. Lust opened the set of doors and they all walked into a large but dimly lit room; where there was a man sitting at a table in the middle of the room. Lust walked over to him and the man glanced up at her, having been expecting her. She stopped in front of the table while Haizo stayed near the door. Dequan slowly walked over to them.

“You didn’t take her.” He said with a calm tone, although it was easy to tell that he was angry. "There are punishments for not finishing a 'job'." Lust mumbled under her breath.

“I know that. But she is with the Giles’ now. I didn't want to fight her with those two around. She also found some idiot human too.” He looked away in thought.

“I see.” He mumbled. Dequan stopped by Lust and looked between them, sighing quietly.

“She’s the same as us; she’s just a... younger undead sucka. Why does it matter if she out running around and crap?” Lust looked at him, resisting the urge to snarl at him while the man looked up at Dequan.

“She wasn’t even supposed to happen. Gabriel and his rogue vampires attacked her family, and Gabriel ended up turning her.”

"So? Because some old asshole turned her, it's her fault now?" Dequan asked. The man mumbled again.

"No, this isn't about it being her fault. A newborn of Gabriel's could prove to be too dangerous to have around. He's killed too many of us as it is, and he's already tried to take over more then once."

Dequan growled. "And just how is she going to be dangerous? She barely knows anything. She doesn't know how to hunt and she doesn't know a whole lot about fighting. What if she was just scared?"

"It wouldn't matter."

Dequan growled again, but he remained silent. The man sighed and looked back at Lust. "Just watch her for now, but make sure that the Giles’ don’t know about this. If you have the opportunity, fight her when she's alone and either bring her here, or kill her.” He stood up and walked out of the room. As soon as he left, Lust lunged at Dequan and pinned him down.

“How dare you!” She snarled loudly at him.

"Shut up." He pushed her off. She growled and punched him in the face. Haizo lifted her up.

“Play nicely now, or I'll have to put you two in a corner.” He said with a smirk. Lust just snarled again. Dequan stood up and brushed himself off. Haizo let go of Lust.

“All I am asking is why she has to be ‘killed’, Chick. I don't exactly think that she chose to be like us.” Lust snarled again.

“We don’t ask questions: We do whatever they want us to do. End of story,” she said. Dequan sighed.

“She’s just a newborn, just give her a chan-” He was cut off by Haizo.

“Remember what I said, Dequan?” Dequan looked away.


Kira was sitting in the dining room, staring out one of the wall windows on it's southern side. It over looked a woods behind the manor. It reminded her of the one that she ran through before coming to Jameston. She heard footsteps behind her and looked back. "Oh, hey Kendra." Kendra smiled.

"Hey. What are you doing?"

"I was looking out at that forest. And waiting for you." Kira answered her. Kendra smiled again and walked over to her.

"Did you think anymore about what that girl said to you?" Kendra asked her. Kira mumbled under her breath, not seeming to answer her. Kendra looked at her, but she didn't say anything. Emma walked into the dining room and walked over to them.

"Hello girls. How are you both feeling?" Emma asked them.

"Great, I'm a little sore from yesterday." Kendra said. Kira mumbled again. Kendra looked at Emma, and to try to change the subject asked: “They were all so fast... How could I even help you guys?” Emma smiled a little.

“I’m sure you’d be able to figure something out, Kendra. In the meantime, maybe we could help you to become a little faster." Emma said. Kendra nodded. Kira stood up.

“So, can you teach me how to fight too?” Kira asked. Joseph walked into the dining room and walked over to them as well, standing next to Emma.

“Of course we can teach you.” Kira smiled a little and Kendra looked up at him.

“Could you teach me too?” Joseph nodded. Kendra smiled.


Later that night while Lust and the others were ‘resting’, Dequan had gotten up and opened the door to his room. He glanced around the hallway and walked out of his room quietly. He made sure to not make any noise. He was about half-way to the entrance of the inn, when he heard a voice behind.

“Dequan, where do you think you’re going?” Haizo asked.

'[Expletive] sucks.' Dequan stopped and sighed. He turned around and looked up at him. “Yoh. I was just… going out for a walk... Maybe look around the town you know, do some hunting in a dark alley. I am a stalker beast after all." Dequan felt bad about lying to him, although Haizo looked unconvinced.

“Right, after we went hunting yesterday?”

'… [Expletive]. Forgot about that.' Dequan smirked. “I thought that I could bring something to Lust to say I was sorry…” Dequan said. 'That’s so much crap it’s not even very funny.'

“Since when have you ever cared about that?”

'… Since now?' “Maybe I’m trying to turn over a new leaf-“ He was cut off.

“Nice try Dequan. Just tell me where you’re going.” Dequan stayed silent for a few moments.

“It’s not… really fair to that newborn. She hasn’t really done anything wrong, right? I mean, she's... little. How could she have done anything?” He asked.

“I don't think she has.”

“Then why should she have to die?”

“I’m not sure, other then being a 'creation' of Gabriel's.” Dequan made a face and looked away. Haizo put his hand on Dequan’s shoulder and sighed. “Don’t worry. I don’t care if you leave or not. But, stay clear of that newborn pup.” Dequan looked up at him.

“Wha-” Haizo sighed again.

“I really don’t want to have to fight you. But if you go to that newborn vampire, we would end up having to fight each other.” Dequan sighed and shook his head.

“Then... I guess we’re enemies now. I can't just let her die like that. She deserves a chance.” Haizo also sighed, but smirked and nodded.

“Better get going, enemy.” He said. He turned and walked back inside. Dequan watched him go back inside. He also turned around and ran off into the night.
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>.> I'm not going to worry about double-posting. But feel free to yell at me if it's bad. XD


Fifth Chapter: “Some new friends?”

Kendra walked out of her house and found Kira standing on the sidewalk, waiting for her.

“Hey.” Kendra said and smiled to her. Kira smiled as well.

“Today after school, Mr. Giles is going to start teaching us,” Kira said.

“Alright!” Kendra replied with a smile. Kira also smiled and walked off as Kendra followed after her.


They soon came to the school, the very... dreary looking school. Kendra walked towards the school. Kira tilted her head slightly, looking at the school, seeming to except it to be different. Kendra looked back at her.

“What?” Kendra asked as Kira looked at her.

“It’s so... uninteresting?” Kira said. Kendra sighed.

“Yeah I know. It goes with the rest of the town... They should rename this place DRABSville." Kira laughed and so did Kendra. As they both walked into the school, a girl ran up to Kendra.

“KENDRA!” Kendra blinked.


“WELL I-” The girl stopped herself when she saw Kira. Kira smiled sheepishly.

“Hi...” Kira said. The girl continued to look at her.

“Um... Kira, this is Terra...” Kendra said. Terra smiled. Terra looked about 14, and had short blonde hair. She was very tall and had brown eyes, and she was wearing a yellow shirt with a black zebra design traced on it and a pair of jeans. Terra smiled again and poked Kira.

“You must be new...” Terra mumbled. Kira looked at her strangely.

“I am...” Kira said. Terra smirked.

“Come on; let’s get you to class then!” Terra said as she grabbed Kira’s wrist and started to ‘drag’ her to class. Kendra laughed and followed the two. Kira looked at Terra strangely.

How... bizarre. Kira thought to herself as they arrived in the classroom. Kira was pulled to her seat by Terra, who sat down next to her. Kendra sat down to the right of her. "Uh... What class is this?"

"..." Kendra looked at Terra.

"Well... It's... uh... math or something. I never pay attention anyway." Terra pulled out a notepad and started to draw something that looked like a cat that had long canines, like a saber tooth cat. Kendra also pulled out a notepad, but she started to write in it instead. Kira watched the other students walk into the classroom and watched as the teacher walked in.

I have a feeling this will be a long day...


Lust snarled loudly when she saw that Dequan was gone. Haizo watched as Lust stood in Dequan’s room and mutter things to herself. She then walked out and glared at Haizo.

“WHERE DID HE GO!?” Lust snarled. Haizo just sighed.

“I don’t know where he went, Lust.” He lied. Luke watched her nervously walk over to him.

“Did you see him...?” She asked, towering over Luke.

“N-No!!” He stuttered while Haizo watched them. Lust snarled again and then smiled.

“Die...” She said menacingly. Luke looked up at her wide-eyed.

“L-Lust, wait-!” But before he could move, she had already grabbed his neck, and ripped his head off ‘cleanly’ and quickly. She dropped Luke’s now limp body and she casually tossed the head to Haizo.

“Burn him please.” She said as she walked out. Haizo shook his head in disappointment and sighed lightly.

“Dequan, you better know what you are doing...”


Kira had been forced to introduce herself in all of the classes. She tried her best afterwards not to eavesdrop on the whispers that the other kids were saying about her. She would hear the occasional ‘Why does she have such pale skin?’ or ‘Kira is just a weird name to have.’ She didn’t let it bother her, and she zoned out of whatever the teacher was saying by staring up at the clock. I'm going to go braindead before lunch. She thought.

By the time lunch came around; she had a mind frame of feeling brainwashed. She walked to the cafeteria room where she saw both Terra and Kendra sitting together, having saved her a seat. She smiled and walked over to them, mumbling to Terra that she wasn’t hungry. As the girls were talking to each other, Kira glanced towards the window. She saw an eerily familiar face staring back at her from the other side of it. It was Dequan. She looked away quickly and looked at the girls.

“What is it?” Kendra asked as Terra took no mind to Kira and started to eat her lunch.

“It was one of those vampires...” Kira said quietly and looked back at the window. He was gone... What were ‘they’ planning?

“Kira?” Kendra asked her, looking at the same spot as she was.

“There isn’t anyone there now...” Kendra said. Kira nodded slowly.

“Maybe it was my imagination...” Kira said half-heartedly. Like hell it was. Kendra shrugged.

“Maybe.” Kendra said. Terra finally looked over to them.

“What are you talking about?” Kira smiled.

“Nothing, just what that boy is wearing.” She said, pointing over towards a boy who was sitting with his friends.

“Yeah..." Terra said, sounding unconvinced. Kendra snickered.


Lust was pacing by the time that Haizo walked towards her.

“He’s... dead.” He said angrily. Lust smiled.

“Very good,” she said. “Oh, I’ve found some new... teammates while you were gone with the ‘dead beat’.” Two vampires entered the room and walked towards them both. The taller of the two put his arm around Lust. Lust just smirked. “Meet Derv and Lusio.” Derv stood at 6”2 and had a pale crème skin tone, and he was well built. He had brown eyes and he had matching hair. He was wearing a black shirt and he had matching jeans.

On the other hand, Lusio only stood at about 5 feet and had pale white skin. He had dirty blonde hair and he had hazel eyes. He wore a dark grey shirt and matching pants. Haizo looked them over and nodded slightly.

“They seem good, but I suppose we’ll have to see how they fight...” Lust smiled as did Derv.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be glad to have us in a fight...” Derv said as Lusio smirked.


As the school day drew to a close, Kira couldn’t shake the feeling of Dequan watching her. Why was he stalking her? Was he waiting for the right moment to attack her? If so, where were the others that had been with him the first time they met? A hundred thoughts raced through her mind as she sat through the rest of her classes, waiting for the last bell to ring, sounding off the end of school. When it finally did, she practically ran out of school, but not before being stopped by Kendra and Terra. Kendra ran up to her first, and whispered.

“Is Mr. Giles still gonna teach us?” Kira nodded silently as Terra ran up to them.

“The rest of my day is going to be as boring as hell.” She made a face. “SO, what are you two doing?” Kira looked at Kendra. Kira cleared her throat.

“Well, we were going to head up to the Giles’ mansion...” Kira said. Terra tilted her head slightly.

“You’re going up to the old people’s place?” Terra asked. Kendra smacked her behind the head.

“Those ‘old people’ have a name!” Kendra said, sounding angry as Kira laughed lightly. While Kendra and Terra got into an argument, Kira thought she had seen someone again. She quickly turned her head to see who it was. Yet again it was Dequan. Kira froze where she was, her eyes fixed on Dequan. Her muscles tensed, waiting for him to come and attack her. Dequan returned her stare down, eyeing the girls that were with her all the while.

Hm, maybe if I draw her away... He thought to himself.

“Kira...?” Kira turned to face Kendra.

“What?” She asked, sounding distracted and angry. She quickly looked at the spot. Again, he disappeared. Kira snarled quietly as Kendra looked at the spot.

“I saw him that time.” Kendra said quietly. “We had better hurry to the Giles’ manor.” Kira nodded. Terra seemed to have over heard them.

“Who’d you see this time, the boogie man?” Terra asked. Kendra flushed a little. “Um...” Kendra said. Kira looked at Terra.

“It was that same boy, he ran off though...” Kira replied. Terra sighed.

“Just tell me, I know you’re lying.” Kira sighed. Kendra fought for an idea quickly.

“Well, it’s this... boy that really likes her.” Kendra said as Kira caught on.

“So much so, that he’s been following me around.” Terra sighed again.

“Just spit it out please.” Kira looked at Kendra as she nodded.

“I’m a vampire...” Terra burst out in laughter.

“Oh, can I be Jesus Christ? And then Kendra can be Madara Uchiha!” Kira blinked after Terra was done and Kendra sighed.

“She’s telling the truth, Terra!” Terra tilted her head.

“Y-You believe her...?” Terra asked as Kendra nodded. Terra looked at Kira. “You’re going to need to show me proof.” She said.

Aw hell. Kira thought. "Like what?"

“Probably written-out documentations of the mutated genes that make your genetic makeup differ from a human's.” Terra stated. There was an awkward silence between the three of them. Kira gave Terra a ‘get real’ face. Terra smirked again and laughed a little. “You’re both too uptight. I was only kidding.” Terra got serious again. “Vampires are supposed to be super-human fast. And they’re also supposed to be to drink blood. I haven’t seen you do either today, so...” Kendra looked at Kira. Kira just sighed a little.

“If you come to the Giles’s manor with us, I’ll give you proof.” Terra gave her a puzzled look, but nodded her head.
“Fine...” They all started towards the Giles’ manor.

I hope that he isn’t going to cause any trouble with the two of them. Kira thought to herself as she led the way.
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Omgnewchapter >.> Fuck school. And uncreativeness... <.< Andbeingtiredashell.


Sixth Chapter: “The Trials”


Kira stopped outside of the manor and looked back at Terra and Kendra. Terra was staring up at the manor. “Those old people-“ Kendra shot Terra a glare. “... I mean, the Giles’ live here?” Kira nodded. “Wow...” All of them walked inside.

“Mr. Giles!” Kira called, looking around. Terra stared up at the various paintings on the wall while Kendra walked over to Kira.

“Are you really going to drink blood?” She asked. Kira looked at her.

“Of course, why?” Kendra looked back at Terra and then at her again.

“What if you lose control around us? I mean, I guess Mr. and Mrs. Giles will be there, but...” Kira sighed.

“I know what you mean. But I’ve been able to control myself around a school full of humans all day.”

“But you didn’t have any blood near you.”

“That’s... true. I’ll be careful. I swear.” Kira smiled a little. Kendra returned her smile and looked towards Joseph as he walked into the foyer.

“Hello Kira, Kendra.” He said. They both nodded to him and he looked down at Terra. “And who’s this?” Terra looked up at him, not seeming to be deterred by his black eyes.

“My name’s Terra. Kira thinks that she’s a vampire.” Joseph looked over to Kira.

You brought another human here? Kira stayed silent. “I am Joseph Giles. You can call me Mr. Giles if you wish though.”

Mr. Giles? How can you...?

Joseph hid a smirk. It’s my power. It’s called telepathy. I can communicate with anyone else one on one like this. It does have a limited range however... Why is she here though?

“...” Kira looked at Terra then at Joseph again. We had to tell her that I was a vampire, but she doesn’t believe me or Kendra.

Joseph nodded just slightly. Then show her. “I’ll leave you girls too it then.” With that he walked up the staircase and out of sight.


The three of them had gone outside. Kira was standing in front of the forest facing them. Kendra and Terra were standing back by the manor, and Terra was holding a stopwatch. “Okay. If you can get to the edge of the forest and back again in under 8 minutes, I might consider it.” Terra said. Kira sighed.

“Just tell me when.” Terra held up the stopwatch so that Kendra could see it as well. She placed her thumb on the button.

“Ready... Set... Now!” Kira took off running. Terra looked at Kendra. “Did she just vanish?” Kendra smirked.

“I said that she was a vampire. They tend to do that.” Terra made a face and looked back at the stopwatch.


Kira was already half-way to the edge of the forest. She jumped over a log with ease. I hope that she’ll actually believe this. She started running as soon as her foot hit the ground. She continued running until she thought she had seen someone from the corner of her eye. She accidentally tripped over a log but caught herself before she fell face flat. Kira stood up quickly and looked towards where she had seen the figure. There was no one there however. I think that was that guy that stalked me at school again... She shook her head and looked back at the forest. ... I forgot about the time! She started running again.


Terra watched the stopwatch impatiently. 7 minutes, 55 seconds, and 5 milliseconds. “I knew it. She was lying.” She said triumphantly. Kendra scowled at her.

“She’ll be here.”

“Mhm. If you say so...” Terra looked at the watch. “It’s 8 minutes even. She’s not here-“ Just then Kira was in front of them.

“Am I late!?” Kendra looked at Terra. Terra looked at Kira and shook her head slowly.

“No... How the hell’d you do that?” Terra asked. Kira smirked.

“I’m a vampire. We’re awesome like that.” Terra mumbled.

“Well, now you get to drink blood. This I have to see.” She walked towards the manor. Kendra looked at Kira and smiled.

“I think she’s starting to believe.” Kira laughed a little.

“I bet she is.” Kendra laughed as well and walked after Terra. Kira looked back at the trees. I really hope that wasn’t him that I saw... She turned and followed the two of them inside.


Kira was staring out of the dining room window. Terra was standing near the kitchen, admiring the dining room that was decorated much like the rest of the manor. Kendra had heard Emma in the kitchen and had asked to help her. The two of them worked in silence until Kendra had looked up from cutting some potatoes. “Emma?”


“Do you know who those people were that had been attacking Kira?” Kendra asked her. She went back to cutting the potatoes again.

“No, I’ve never seen those vampires around here before. I think they might’ve been hunters though. I wouldn’t know for sure.”

Kendra looked up at her again. “Hunters? Do they hunt humans, or just other vampires...?”

Emma looked over at her. “Hunters do hunt other vampires. They’re usually hired by other covens to find potential vampires to join them, or, they’re hired by the larger covens to hunt down any unwanted vampires.” She answered.

Kendra nodded, and was about to ask another question when she cut her thumb. “Oh, dammit...” She mumbled under her breath. Emma suddenly looked over at her and looked over to where Kira was sitting, only not to see her. Kira had gotten up due to the smell of Kendra’s blood and had rushed towards the kitchen. Kendra looked towards where Kira had been and saw that Emma was standing in front of her. “Wha-“

Kira snarled and lunged at Emma. Emma punched her in the face, knocking out a fang, and grabbed her by the neck. Kira kicked her in the stomach and out of the kitchen. Kira looked at Kendra and snarled. Kendra backed up against the counter. Emma ran back into the kitchen, grabbed Kira by her neck and slammed her face-first into the floor. She pinned Kira to the ground and pinned her arms behind her back. “Kendra, go find Joseph.” Kendra nodded and ran out. Terra had been watching the fight and had gone to kitchen, looking down at them.

“I guess she really is a vampire...” She said quietly. Kira snarled up at Emma, struggling under her. Emma snarled back at her. Joseph walked into the kitchen and walked over to them.

“Kendra told me what happened.” Emma nodded silently, stood up, and held Kira out to him. Joseph took her and walked out quickly. Terra looked at Emma.

“A-Are you guys going to kill her?” Emma looked at her and chuckled.


“Are you going to kill her because she tried to attack Kendra?” Emma shook her head. “Then where is he-“

“He’s just going to keep Kira away from the two of you for a while. Newborns are very prone to doing something like this when there is blood around them.” Emma stated.

“Newborns?” Emma smiled a little.

“Newly sired vampires. They’re only called newborns in their first year as a vampire.”

“Oh... But she was fine at school. She didn’t attack anyone.” Terra said.

“Yes, I know. Humans do give off a scent of blood, but when someone cuts themselves, the scent gets even stronger because the blood’s no longer in the body. I don’t think Kira has ever been around it before, and she didn’t have enough control.”

“How sensitive are vampires to that scent? I mean, besides the way Kira reacted...”

“Well, a vampire’s sense of smell is even stronger then a dog’s sense of smell. All of a vampire’s senses are greatly enhanced far beyond that of a human’s.”

“Are you serious?” Emma nodded. “Then she wasn’t lying?”

“No she wasn’t. In fact, both Joseph and I are vampires as well.”

“Huh... So, you’re sure that Kira’s going to be alright?” Emma nodded. “When could we see her again?” Emma was silent for a moment.

“Let me go ask Joseph if it would be alright.” Terra nodded. Emma turned and walked out of the kitchen, and as soon as she left, Kendra walked inside.

“Are you okay? You looked a little scared...” Terra said.

“I’m fine. I wasn’t even talking to her and she flipped out...” Kendra mumbled. Terra looked at her and sighed.

“Do you think this is her fault?” Kendra mumbled again. “She wasn’t able to help herself, or at least that’s what The Em said. Kira smelled your blood and wanted to ‘Om nom nom’ you. She doesn’t hate you or anything...”

“... The Em?”

“... Emma. THE EM.”

“... Right.”

“Damn right.”

“... So... She attacked me because of the blood scent?” Terra nodded. Kendra sighed and looked at the floor. “I guess that would make sense... Is Jo still with her?”

"... Jo?”

“... Joseph.”

“Now who’s weird?”

“I never said you were.”

“I bet you were thinking it.”

“Pft. I was not...”

Joseph walked into the kitchen and looked at the two of them. “You can go to see her if you want too. She is a bit edgy, but... “ Terra nodded a little and walked out of the kitchen. Kendra mumbled and followed her.


Kira was glaring at the floor when Terra and Kendra walked into her room. Kira looked over at them and looked away again. Terra inconspicuously pushed Kendra towards where Kira was sitting. “Go make her feel better.” Terra mumbled. Kendra glowered at her but walked over to Kira. Kira looked up at her.

“Look, Kira... I know that...” She looked away, mumbled. She sighed and continued. “I know it wasn’t your fault, that you couldn’t control it, but shouldn’t you be able to?” Kira was about to say something, but stopped herself and looked at the floor. Kendra mumbled. “You weren’t ‘careful’.”

“I should have been. I tried to be...” Kira mumbled quietly. Terra coughed just slightly and Kendra looked back at her. Terra mouthed ‘Apologize’ to her and Kendra sighed a little.

“I didn’t mean to say that. I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I forgive you.” She said. Kira looked up at her.

“You shouldn’t be. It was my fault. I’m sorry.” Kira said. Kendra was quiet for a few minutes.

“Hm... Well. If you forgive me, I’ll forgive you?” Kendra asked her. Kira nodded a little. Kendra smiled a little. “Great.” Terra looked at her watch and sighed.

“As cute as this is, we should probably both get home.” She said. Kendra looked at her watch to and nodded in agreement.

“It’s already 7:30. I have to go to bed at 9:00 PM, and I’ve got to do my homework.” Kira nodded a little.

“Then you better go. We can meet again tomorrow.” Kendra nodded.

“See ya tomorrow.” She walked out quickly. Kira looked at Terra. “Do you believe what I said?” Terra nodded.

“I do now. Maybe you could explain more about it tomorrow.”


“See ya.”

“Later.” Terra walked out. Kira looked at the floor. I need to be more careful, especially around them... I can’t kill anyone else again...
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Ihatethischapter. Not as much as chapter 3 though...


Seventh Chapter: “A Meeting with Dequan.”


Dequan was on a hill that was near by the mansion. He had watched as the girls that he had seen earlier that day walked out of the house. The girl with the brown hair left first; and the girl with the short blonde left after her earlier in the night. He assumed that it was around 12 o’clock midnight. He was debating on either to go see her now, or give it another day. He’d gotten a bit... careless, and had gone behind the mansion, not expecting her to be running through there. He sighed. “Undead sucka’s alone... But those others one are there too... Piece of shit this is. Risking getting caught, but that would never happen. I am too gangsta for that. Like those... gangsta bunnies on that thing...” He mumbled to himself. He walked down towards the mansion quietly.

He stopped outside of the mansion and looked up at it. “My jeezums. This is a big ass house.” He looked at the walls and then at the door. He stayed silent for a minute. “I wonder if the President of the Earth lives in there...” He muttered to himself. He smirked and walked to the door. “They’d expect a window or some retarded back door trick.” He pushed it open quietly and walked in, closing it behind him. “...” He looked around. “This is some rich nigga shit.” He mumbled. “Wish I had a crib like this...” He quietly walked towards stairs, following Kira’s scent.


Kira was in her room, looking in the mirror that was nailed to the wall when she heard Emma walk towards her door.
“Come in.” Kira said before Emma even knocked. Emma opened the door and was holding an IV bag of blood.

“Hungry?” Emma asked. Kira smiled a little.

“Yeah. I don’t want what happened before to ever happen again.” Kira said. Emma strode in and was next to her within a few seconds. She handed the bag to Kira. Kira smiled. “Thanks.” Emma nodded and smiled herself.

“If you need anything, please, just give us a call. We’re just a couple of rooms down.” Kira nodded. As Emma walked out of the room, Kira drank from the packet, and finished it within a matter of seconds. She looked back at the mirror and started to fix her hair.

It reached down to her waist; being jet black in color. She had set a tan jacket that she had been wearing the last few days on the bed that was next to the mirror. She had on a skin tight black shirt and dark blue jeans on, and she had noticed that she had gotten her jeans a bit dirty over the last few days. “That figures...” She mumbled. She sat down and looked at the clock. It read 12:30 PM. “Better get studying I guess. I’ll clean these later...”


Kira was almost done reading one of her school books by the time she heard a rap on her door. She sighed. “What is it? I’m trying to study-“ Her door was kicked open and standing on the other side of it was Dequan. “...” She snarled, and was about to say something, but was cut off.


“... The hell do you know my name?”

“I overheard those humans at that place.”

“... At the school?”

“... Yeah.”

“Oh. Why are you here then?” She asked. She looked at Dequan’s eyes, but they didn’t give off that... killing impression that they had once given to her when she looked at them. She felt her body go numb, as if her brain went on vacation to Cuba or something. Dequan swiftly closed the door and was over at her bed in a matter of seconds. She snarled at him and moved away from him. “Get the hell away; I know you’ve come to kill me.”

“Now now, little sucka, relax. I’m not here to kill you.” Kira snarled again.

“Yes you are. I know you’ve been stalking me all day. And I know that I saw you in the woods. I could easily call for the Giles’ and have them come within seconds.” She narrowed her eyes. Dequan shook his head.

“No, I’m not. I’m not with Chick, or the old man anymore.” He felt a bit insensitive when he said ‘old man’, but it was the truth. Kira growled at him but didn’t say anything. “Aw, see?” He smirked. “Isn’t that better than being all toothy and snarl-y?” Kira looked away as he seemed to move closer to her. ”Please, don’t give a brah the cold shoulder...” She snarled at him defiantly. He hid a smirk.

“I’ll do what I want to.” Kira snapped, though he didn’t take notice.

“My name’s Dequan.” He said calmly. “And as I told you, I already know you are Kira.”

“Why are you even here?” She asked. Dequan leaned back against the wall, seeming very deep in thought.

“Well, I’ve come here to warn you.” Kira looked at him questioningly.

“Warn me? Of what?” Dequan smirked.

“Well, that Chick is called Lust, and the old man is Haizo. Those two are Hunters. I think they’re working for a big coven, but I was never told who it was.” Kira tilted her head.

“Okay... New question. Why help me?” Dequan shrugged slightly.

“I quit; Chick was being a ‘brat’.” Kira smirked a little.

“Just like that?”

“Yeah. She was being bitchy. And she wouldn’t let me and ‘Zoh buy her a walker. She really does need one after all. It’d do her a world of good.” Dequan said. Kira snickered but stopped when she heard a loud snarl come from her door, or what was left of it. She looked over to see Emma. “Whoa, now...” Dequan backed away from Kira’s bed. She looked between Emma and Dequan.

“Wait, Emma.” Kira said as Emma looked at her. “He’s, uh, nice, I think...” Kira said as Dequan nodded in agreement.

“I am very nice, usually.” He smirked as Emma narrowed her eyes.

“I don’t think he’s going to attack us. If he was going to he would’ve by now, and I’d be punching his face in.”

“Yeah-“ Dequan stopped himself. “... Wait, you’d be punching my face in?” He asked her. Kira smiled innocently. Emma sighed.

“What’s his name?”


“Come Dequan. Joseph and I are going to have a talk with you.” Kira looked up at him. Dequan sighed a little and walked towards the door.

I hate having ‘talks’. Especially with people I don’t know...


Joseph was sitting in the dining room when Emma and Dequan walked in. I feel like I’m meeting her parents. And she’s not even my girlfriend. He thought in irritation. Joseph growled quietly but stopped himself and cleared his throat. Dequan looked at him. “Umm... You should get that checked. My cousin, Dre, is an amazing doctor.” Joseph mumbled under his breath.

“Sit down.” Emma sat beside Joseph and Dequan also sat down. “Why are you here?”

“’Cause... I didn’t like my old crew. They were getting on my nerves, and I want to kick it with Keekee.” He replied. Emma looked at Joseph.

“Why should we let you stay here, and who are your ‘crew’?” Joseph asked him.

“I got in here easy. IF I were to go back, then I could bring all of them and trash the place and kill Keeke here. And I’d like to keep my crew’s knowledge to myself.” Joseph mumbled again.

“Who sent you when you first attacked?”

“Who are you, Dr. Phil? Is this 21 questions?” Dequan asked. He looked around. “Where’s 50 cent hiding?” Joseph growled.

“Stop avoiding and answer me.” Dequan shrugged slightly.

“I don’t know.” He answered. Emma looked at Joseph and sighed.

Even if he isn’t telling us everything, I think we can trust him.

So, you really are sure about him, Emma? Joseph thought to Emma. Emma nodded slightly.

Yes, I think I am, Joseph... She thought back to him, as he sighed slightly.

“Fine then... Dequan?” Joseph asked, looking at him.

“Hmmmmm?” Dequan asked.

“We’ll... let you stay, I suppose...” Joseph said half-hearted. “But! Don’t think for a second that you could try to kill off Kira, or either of us.” He said, narrowing his eyes at Dequan. “Because both of us will be watching.” He snarled. Dequan smiled again.

“No worries, I won’t sell ya out or anything...” He said. “Now, it’s almost morning.” He stood up and walked towards the door, hiding a smirk to himself. “I shall see you in a few hours, I s’ppose.” And with that, he walked out.
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Did I really never post on this? woitjawoearjjarojwoej crap

I loved it when I read it, I love it now. Please continue. c:
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After the 11th I will haul ass and rewrite it again because I just don't like it, still. XP
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