One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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 Demose: Legends Are Made

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New Kid
New Kid

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PostSubject: Demose: Legends Are Made   Sat May 23, 2009 3:07 pm

Originally this story was posted on the Code Lyoko Forums, and it still is, but in order to get more views, reviews, and share my creativity with more people, I'm also posting this story here. One day, I hope to make this into an actual published book. We'll see what happens. Until then, I hope you all enjoy, and please tell me what you think. Until I post the first few chapters's the prologue. Enjoy.
- Ben Yenser
(a.k.a) Lyokosecter5


The full moon was high in the night sky. In the distance, mountains stood tall, barely visible against the dark blue and black sky. On the ground, between the immense forest of pine the snow glistened silver, freshly iced over. The dull silence that spread throughout the land was only broken by the sound of an occasional owl, and the unusually quick moving river that ran through the northern half of the wood. A serene scene…an eerie seen.

Suddenly, the silence was broken as the ice crunched under a barely visible, quick moving blur. Faster and faster, the animal dodged trees and jumped over fallen foliage. Behind it, darkening the silvery snow, was a trail of dark red. The creature’s breath was heavy, and its heart was pounding in it’s chest. It told itself to keep running, to ignore its wounds, not to look back, and not to stop. From the South, it ran North, and slowed to a halt only once it reached a drop off.

Directly below it was the river. In all actuality, it was more like a large stream that flowed with the strength of a river. The black wolf, now trapped, looked around franticly as rapidly dripping blood fell from its body into the snow beneath it. It looked behind itself as the sound of crunching ice caused its ears to perk up. Closer…closer…and closer still. This was it. His bravery, his courage, his triumphs, his failures…all his efforts…they were all in vain. Two more wolves emerged from the trees, and bared their teeth as they approached him. Once was dark gray with streaks of brown in it’s fur, and the other was a white wolf, with a black muzzle, tail, and paws.

“Now, you pay for your betrayal.” The gray wolf growled. “You pay for your sins.” The white canine barked. “Any last words, you worthless mutt!” The black wolf closed it’s eyes, suddenly a feeling of calm rushed through its body. It raised its head, “I did what had to be done.” It said in a somewhat deep voice. “If I’m to be punished for doing what’s right…so be it.” It opened it’s orange eyes, tilted its head back, and howled to the sky. The white wolf charged forward, head-butted the dark furred wolf, and sent him down the fifteen foot drop into the dark water. “Good-bye, whelp.” The two wolves made an about face and returned to the woods…their job was done.
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PostSubject: Re: Demose: Legends Are Made   Sat May 23, 2009 6:16 pm

Beautiful opening. Love the story, I should have read it before, Continue


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New Kid
New Kid

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PostSubject: Re: Demose: Legends Are Made   Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:11 pm

Why, thank you Tri-O. Now, anyone reading, I'm posting chapters 1-2, and if you were to look at my Dark Dragon Dialogue story, you will see that the next aprt of this story will be up this weekend. So, for now, enjoy these two chapters.

Chapter 1: The Black Wolf of the Family

As fate would have it, I haven’t really lived up to the expectations of my parents and my pack. Unlike all my other siblings, I’ve let prey slip from between my jaws, and I’ve failed hunts. I’ve completely blown hunts with the pack actually. Say we were stalking a big herd of deer for example. I’ve accidentally fallen or made a noise to spook our prey…needless to say I’m not well liked by many. ‘The Black Wolf of the Family’. The called me. Not because of my fur, but because of my mess-ups and what not. So what? I’ll show them. That’s what I’ve told myself since I was a pup, ever since I was just a young whelp…I know I’m right though. Even the pack leader, Blaze, thinks I’m a weak creature…I’ll show him though, trust me. I’ll prove them all wrong.

A circular clearing in the Northeastern corner of the forest was serving as the current home for a pack of Timber Wolves. Many of the wolves were a light gray or white color, but there were a few exceptions. Ivy, a rather young wolf, had darker gray fur than the rest, and yellow eyes. Ivy. Her parents named her that because from the moment she was born she seemed vicious, and her eyes…they seemed venomous. Ironically, she had grown up to be a very sweet, caring canine. Nevertheless, when she gets angry she lashes out with all the strength and fury of a large, lone male wolf fighting over food in the middle of winter. Also, there was Rally. She wasn’t named until a few weeks after she was born, when her helpfulness and leadership began to show. Her fur coloring was a gray, but it had a swirl of black mixed into it, and her eyes were barely a duller yellow than Ivy‘s.

Though these two, and a few others, seemed to stand out amongst the rest, no one seemed to care. Conni, really Conifer, was a full grown female wolf with nearly white fur, and gray eyes. And Bee, a strong, hard-headed male, was a light gray with white paws and yellow eyes. Of course, the lightest of them all was Blaze. Blaze. He was a large male, with pure white fur, and golden eyes. He seemed to have excess hair on his neck, making him look larger than he was. He was bold, fearless, and wise…but at times could become to arrogant for him own good.

But, as anyone in the pack new, Demose stood out the most. Jet black fur, orange eyes, and a personality that always went one way or the other. In other words, he either did something good, or something very bad. Or, if something happen to him, he either shook it off or became extremely upset. At times his personality matched his coat. Dark. At others, it matched Blaze’s. Bright. No one quiet knew why, but they all knew he was a bit of a misfit. Always making mistakes. No one was perfect, but he was something else entirely.

If only they knew… If they new how they’re future would soon rely on him.


Chapter 2: Caribou Catastrophe

Me, and four other members of the pack set out today, to follow some caribou. Their tracks were still fresh in the snow, and we knew we’d have them no problem. Well, I thought so. The others didn’t. Why? Because I was with them. Only one of them seemed to have faith in me, and that was Rally. But Ivy, Conni, and Sycamore (A male wolf with light brown and dark gray fur), wished I wasn’t tagging along with them. Too bad though! Stand back, pups! Let me show you how it’s done!

A path cut right through the wood, about 25 yards wide, and was covered in a few inches of snow. Towering pine trees loomed overhead, on either side of the path. Jutting from one side though, pushing through the trees, was a large rock that hung out over part of the trail about ten feet high. Atop the overhang Rally stood, looking down to the snow. She looked back to the woods and nodded. Instantly receiving the signal Ivy, Conni, Sycamore, and Demose all emerged and walked up the rock to Rally. “We got ahead of them.” Rally said, “But they’ll be here in a minute, get ready everyone.” Ivy nodded, turned and ran back into the wood, and Sycamore followed. Conni, instead, walked halfway down the rock and leaped down to the snow. Jumping, as to not leave a lot of tracks, she moved to the opposite side of the path, and laid down. She blended in very well with the snow, but her eyes stood out. Demose laid down on the rock, put his head in his paws and tried to look as small as possible. Rally looked down at him before turning toward the woods, “Demose.” “Yeah?” Demose asked in the voice of a yet to mature wolf. “Just…do be careful.” Rally said, before darted into the thicket.

Demose merely rolled his eyes, I’ll show her...all of them…I will…I won’t mess up this time… Rally re-emerged at the base of the rock, and crouched down among the scree at the bottom. Sycamore and Ivy were visible, from Demose’s point of view, farther down the path; both of them were just visible looking out from between the trees. “Here they come.” Rally said just loud enough for Demose and Conni to hear. Sure enough, just seconds after that, they heard the rumble of caribou hooves.

It didn’t take long until the caribou rounded the bend ran through the path, toward the waiting wolves. Demose bared his teeth, lifted himself an inch or two off the ground, and raised his head slightly to look over the caribou. Rally, trying to remain as still as possible at the bottom of the rock, scanned the animals as they past by her. Look for the biggest bull… She told herself. The biggest bull… On the other side of the path, still lying in the snow, watched the passing animals intently and looked for the biggest, or weakest animal in the herd.
From atop the rock, Demose was able to get a better view of the animals, and he saw that the end of the herd was nearing. No longer were they coming around the bend, and Rally hadn’t chosen one yet…he was growing nervous. We have to get one…I have to show them I can do it… He slowly moved his head to look up and down the remaining caribou, then spotted the one Rally would, most likely, choose. A large, gray haired, old bull with one full antler and one that completely gone except for a stub at the base. With a heavy limp the creature was traveling behind the others, not able to keep up. Old and sickly. Demose thought, Perfect target.

At the bottom of the rock the old bull had come into Rally’s view. She raised herself slightly so that she was on all of her paws. She moved back and forth ever so slightly on her haunches, and readied to spring forward. Get ready. She told herself. The bull was now in front of her… Now or never. She moved to go forward…but as it would seem, someone else had decided to act first.

No longer able to wait, Demose let his nerves and his impatience get the better of him, and he pounced off the rock as soon as the old bull ran under it. Jumping off the right side, he landed on the back of the bull as it came out from under the rock. Startled, the caribou, seemingly forgetting about its limp, charged forward and caught up with the other animals. Demose, sprawled sideways across the caribou’s back, he bit at the creature’s neck, and attempted to dig his claws into its pelt in order to keep from falling off.

Furious, but with no time to really do anything, Rally charged out into the path and took off in pursuit of the sickly animal. “Conni!” She called as she ran. Conni, who had sat and watched Demose, quickly got up and ran after Rally. “That stupid pup!” Rally growled, “I’ll kill him if he doesn’t die with that caribou!” Conni looked at her, a little shocked at her words, but continued to run.

Ivy and Sycamore, witnessing Demose’s early surprise attack on the caribou, sprang into action, and dove into the herd. Splitting up, they both dodged, dove, and jumped under and around running caribou until they were able to get ahead of the old one that Demose continued to hang onto. The two stood before the caribou and bared they’re teeth, hissing and growling. This made the caribou stop, but it wasn’t about to give up. It rose onto it’s hind legs only for a few seconds, but it was long enough to cause Demose to lose his grip, roll off the creature’s back, and land on his side in the snow behind it. After the creature brought itself back down, it stomped its hooves, and kicked out it’s back legs…hitting Demose twice in the ribs and flipping him onto his other side.

At this point a few stragglers from the herd darted around the wolves, merely making noise and distractions for them. Now, Rally and Conni came up behind the bull, and the four standing wolves had it cornered. Ivy, her eyes flaring, was the one who darted forward, jumped, and grabbed the caribou’s throat in her jaws. Immediately the already bloodied caribou began thrashing and making pained noises. Ivy, literally hanging off the ground from the animals throat, was thrashed about, but kept a firm death grip on it. The others were ready to jump in at any second, but Ivy, amazingly, kept the situation under control. She held her grip, and began to move her jaw around and shake herself. This caused more damage and tearing to the animals throat, and eventually brought it to it’s knees, taking her with it.

As it trashed around on it’s side, Ivy released it and got to her feet. She shook herself off as Rally moved in to finish the kill, biting and tearing at the animals throat. Conni however, turned her attention to Demose, who was currently lying motionless in the snow. Blood stained his fur and the snow around his head and legs, but looking closely Conni saw that it was the blood of the caribou. Gently, she nudged him with her muzzle, and he opened his eyes. “Are you alright?” She asked. Her voice wasn’t very concerned…in fact, it seemed more bored then anything else. Really, it felt as if his ribs were shattered, but he shook it off, trying to appear as if he were too strong to be hurt. “I’m fine.” He said, his voice hoarse as he slowly got to his feet.

He closed his eyes as pain shot through his, but he shook his head and ignored it. He reopened his eyes, and was met with Rally’s paws coming down and hitting him in the face. He let out a yelp and stumbled backwards. “You idiot!” She shouted, jumping up on her hind legs and bringing her front claws down again. “You ignorant, stupid puppy!” Demose shook his head violently and looked up, “We got it, didn’t we!” He called, backing up. “Yeah, by pure luck! It was a good thing that Ivy and Sycamore were ready to block it off or else you would have never taken it down! Honestly, who in they’re right mind…I don’t even know where to start, you…you…” She growled and turned away from him, back to the carcass. “Everyone eat your fill.” She growled. “Then we drag what we can back to the others.” She shook her head, trying to calm herself down, and rubbed her face in the snow to get the caribou’s blood from her fur. The others looked at Demose, and slowly looked away and moved to the body.

Knowing he wouldn’t be well welcomed, he laid down and waited for the others to back down…he would eat last. After all…he deserved too now. Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid! He whimpered as he shifted his body, pain still shooting through his side. I’ll never amount to anything…at least….not when it comes to being a wolf. I’m a lost cause, a waste of fur. So much for showing all of them…
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PostSubject: Re: Demose: Legends Are Made   

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Demose: Legends Are Made
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