One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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 Jak 2 Revenge of Death(Old Story)

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That Girl in the Skinny Jeans

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Jak 2 Revenge of Death(Old Story) Empty
PostSubject: Jak 2 Revenge of Death(Old Story)   Jak 2 Revenge of Death(Old Story) EmptySun May 17, 2009 6:18 am

Backing it up from the CL fourm


My Return too my homeland Haven City was no Welcoming party, 2 Years ago,Haven City turned into Hell, Baron Praxis Took over and shifted all funds too his Guard 'The Krimzon'. The Water To the Slums was turned off,inocent lives were taken,24/7 The Guard patroled the streets,and as months went on,the Metal Heads Grew in numbers,The Metal Heads are a race of mutants that were effected by 'Dark Eco'. Dar Eco is a powerful energy scoure that is deadly too the touch.

Infact,i have a friend who was effected by the Dark Eco,but shes gone,Dead from Torture from Baron Praxis, Most never learned about what she went throught,Dark Eco Injections, exstensive bleeding cuts,and then the worst,Public Disemberment and Hanging. What else could be worse? Nothing Else because shes all i had.So Now,Im Out for revenge, Too Kill That Ba.stard Praxis,Fix Haven City of its problems, and too save the homless from this hell.

The underground forces,led by Torn and the Shadow,are planning an attack on the Baron's Eco Shipment heading too the Pumping Station, If all go's well,we should get on the inside of the Baron's Fortress.

Chapter 1

December 6,2329, 9:25 AM.

(2 weeks before Baron Praxis tourture upon the Girl.)

2 Men were standing around a round table,looking over maps of area's of Haven City,one of them Slammed his hand onto the table "Dam.m It Torn,When are you going too make a move!?" The other man,Torn,Lifted his head up from the table and said "Edje,It Takes Planning,Not Man Power,So Just wai.t" "But You Know why i want this too start,That B.astard took my Friends! We Should at least TRY too Make some type of move, not just stand around with are heads uncovered for the 'Baron' Too Kill Us!" Torn walked away from the table and tword a large Map "Well,I'm Sorry,Its Not my Choice,The "Shadow" Has us waiting for that Eco Shipment run in 8 Weeks,So we have no orders right now."

Around the same time,in The Baron's Fortress Prision,a Girl was Chained apon a Metal Table,struggling too break free. "It's No use girl........I'd Doubt you'll get out......" A Loud Wirring Sound starts up,and a eletric current is shot into the Girl's Body,She Begins too Scream,The Baron watches with a grin on his face,and a computerized voice said "Dark Eco Reconstruction Complete,Vital Signs are Normal."The Baron Screams in frustration and grabs the girls head "You Should be Dead with all the Dark Eco I've Pumped into You!" He Shoves her head back onto the table. A Guard says "She Sure is 'Resisting' Too your Torture,Baron Praxis". The Baron looks at him and says "Lock her up in her cell,if she doesnt give in by the the week, Will excute her infront of all thoses poor people" And The Baron Walks off into The Dark. The Guard walks up too her and says "I'd Give up,Or Your Dead any way......"


Chapter 2

December 18,2329 9:19:20PM

(6 days too death)

Within the Walls of Haven City, Word go out of a Public Execution apon a prisoner of the underground,apon hearing this,Edje said too Torn "See?! Look What happend,With us Staying Still,The Baron is going too Excute Her!" Torn and Edje were at a Club called "Hip Hog Heaven" They were sitting at the bar,talking about the annoucnment. Torn Replied "Im Sorry Edje,I Would have done something,but..." "THE SHADOW,I KNOW,I'VE HEARD THAT STORY." Edje kicked the floor and muttered the "F-Bomb" Word "Torn,Why did you leave her behind that day?" Torn turned his head and said "It was 'Leave her' or We all would have died.....I'm Sorry Man......"

December 24,2329 12:11:20PM

(Day of Death)

A Crowd had gathered infront of the Baron's Palace, a large wooden Stage leveled over them,Edje and Torn were apart of the Crowd,The Baron Appeared with a Guard and the Girl,Gashes and Blood all over her, "Tes........" Edje Muttered,"What the Hell Did he do too you?......" While The Guard hooked Tes too the Pole in the middle of the stage, The Baron's Voice Rung out over the Crowd "My People,I Am Here today,not too Just Kill Someone.....But Too Rid ourselves of the UnderGround Rebels,This Girl,Has been Charged with Coruption and plans too over throw me......Now,UR-86,if you would....." The Guard next too baron,a Metal Mask over his face,took out a Razor Shaped Blade,Stood in front of the girl,lifted it into the air,and came thrashing down onto Tes's Arm. The Blade went straight threw the Bone,and came out below Her Arm,the Shoulder Erupted into a Massive Cloud of Blood,Tes's Scream rattled everyone,The Baron Begun too Talk again "This is only the begining of the Rebel Killings,By the end of next year, all the rebels will be gone.Once again 86......." The Guard once again lifted the blade,Tess looked up at it,started screaming again,The blade came down quicker then before,and cut threw the bone,the arm falling too the ground,Tes's face was splattered with blood,blood-curtling screams.

The Baron didnt start his speech again,he nodded too 86,and 86 nodded back,and he stood back,unhooked Tes from the pole and took a rope and wrapped it around her neck,he stood her under a larger pole and hooked her too it. She was standing on a pressure pad,it could go at any minute. She Looked into the crowd,and it looked like she was looking for someone,all Edje could do was stand there,he couldnt give away that he was in the crowd. The Baron Started his Speech Again "This Girl has no future,so she must be killed.......'Do It'...." The Guard pulled a switch and the floor below Tes let go,she fell to the ground,and stoped feet away from the ground,hanging dead.

Chapter 3 will be up soon, must write one.

Jak 2 Revenge of Death(Old Story) 6tl6dy
I ran with CLF for 7 years.
It took a lot of my personal and social life away, and i will remember it.
As of the Crash of 10/25/10, CLF: A Seven Year Memoir has begun
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Jak 2 Revenge of Death(Old Story)
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