One group stands alone against an army of demons created by dark mages to wipe out the planet. And the story begins...
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 The The Never-Mores (Short Story)

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The The Never-Mores (Short Story) Empty
PostSubject: The The Never-Mores (Short Story)   The The Never-Mores (Short Story) EmptyMon May 03, 2010 2:14 am

Everyone makes a stupid wish now and then. They wish somebody would disappear or is they were left alone forever. No one really expects them to come true though, after all if every wish was granted then there would be a lot of chaos in the world. But hey, whats a story if nothing happens. This story is about a wish I did make. A wish that did come true. A stupid wish that came true. Was it for better or for worse. You tell me by the end but right now let me tell the story.

I wake up in the morning on a Thursday. Any other Thursday, right? Well true, or at least thats what I thought a first. I get up, look at the time and date, and get myself in a shower. I did what I needed to do, got dressed, and headed downstairs. My mom was usually up at this time but today she had to leave early for a business conference. So I pop on some toast and turn on the news. More crime, no good news, just as I thought. I grab my toast and head out to school. I always get a ride from my friend. Name is Chris Deen. He's a senior, about two grades above me, and a good pal of mine. He was kind of tall, but not too tall. He was also was kind of muscular but that was spread out through his body. His hairs and eyes were brown and his body was nice and tan.

"Yo" he called out as he usually did "Yo late, what was taking so long." he said scarfing down his coffee. I was never a fan of coffee but man this kid drank it like it was water.

Anyway, I get into the car "Sorry man. Had some hot pieces of bread waiting for me." I said. Eating some

"Yea, yea Kiddo. Just don't get that many crums on the seat." Chris said. He always treated me like I was his brother. That was good seeing how I didn't have any of my own.

He drove off. He was a little faster than usually because I made him late. Bad Choice. As we were about to hit the final turn another car from the intersection came out of nowhere and hit the car right in the back door to my side. We spun out and hit the stop sign on one of the intersections.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me." Chris said. Now granted this car wasn't a fancy car, it was still a good small Saturn none the less. And the car that hit us was a Hummer. A Saturn, let alone any small car, will just get mashed up against a Hummer, and that is exactly what happened. Though out all of it I kept screaming all the apologies I could, after all if I wasn't late, he wouldn't have to go fast and not see the car that hit us. When it all stopped he got out of the car then leaned over to me 'Chill bro. It's all okay, I'll deal with this." Was all he said to me as he proceeded towards the Hummer driver. I got out of the car to watch. what would happen. "Hey man, sorry about all of that, but I really needed to get to class." The driver then came out. He was furious, and big. Big and furious are never a good combo.

"You dent my car and all you can afford to say is sorry?" He screamed. Now I saw then dent on his car. It wasn't that big and looked like it could be repaired easily. I then looked back at Chris' car. That thing was mangled. It looked like an hour glass the way it was hit and it didn't look drivable. "Do you know how much this cost. I wasn't cheap thats for sure" He yelled

"Sir my car wasn't cheap either but-" Chris started to stay

"Well then stop driving it like it's cheap. Watch where you are driving!" The Big guy screamed

"Sir if you didn't hear I needed to get to class-" Chris said

"Wake up earlier." The man said

"I did. I had to drive my friend along." Chris said pointing to me

"Then Maybe you should tell him that he needs to get up on time." The big guy said. This is the point where I really just wanted to punch him. Not only was he concerned with his items more than anyone's safety but he is telling us what to do like he is our dad. This guy knew nothing of our situation but was bossing us around.

"Sir, there is no need for you to bring him into this. I'm the driver, you talk to me" Chris said getting more annoyed.

"Yes I'm going to bring him into this. It's his fault you were driving so fast and hit my car!"

Chris was speechless at this. So was I. He claims my fault because I wanted toast. This guy just crossed a line that didn't needed to be crossed. "Thats it. I'm writing you guys up for reckless driving" The big guy finally said.

"Bro, your going to need to go" Chris finally said. "Get to class, say nothing." There was no way I was leaving, besides I wanted to help more than anything

"But-" I tried to say

"Go now!" Chris screamed. Chris never screamed. Not at a stranger and never to me. I knew he meant business. I ran as fast as I could and school wasn't that far. Maybe just a block away. I could still hear screams as I ran though but I didn't really catch any words.

I finally made it to school. It was about 9:10, ten minutes after my first class started. I got a pass, and detention. My teacher wasn't that nice either. I didn't tell her a word of what happened as Chris said. I just said I was late. I got a lot of snickers form classmates and what not but I'm used to that. Classes two through four were a bore and there was no way I'd want to explain that to you but class five, or lunch, is when everything hit the fan. I got my lunch and I was in a rush to sit down. This was bad because as I turned the corner into the cafeteria I hit my lunch against Ellen Leehan. She is short but I didn't mind that. she had soft red hair and deep blue eyes too and her skin was light. It always made me feel better. She isn't the most popular kid but she is a kid that I really like, really like, and I got food all over her. She wasn't too happy about that either. So she stormed off to the bathroom. One more mess up thanks to me. I sit down to my table. I sit with my friend Sid Calhony. Sid is a nice guy and a good guy to have your back when your in a jam. He wasn't taller than me but he was tall is. He was very skinny and he had black hair. His eyes were rare, green. These eyes seemed like the eyes of insight. That was just what I needed. He could just tell by the look on my face that something was going down. He's observant like that.

"So what's bugging you?" was all he said.

"It's been a long day right now" I said

"Too long to explain." Sid said "That's fine."

"No, It's just that I can't explain the first thing, but you had to have seen my run in a few minutes ago" I said

"Yea I saw. The whole school saw. She didn't look so happy either." Sid said

"No kidding." I said sarcastically "Anyway. That's just another reason to say no."

Sid looked to me "Listen, there are other girls out there." he said

"Yes but I only like this girl" I said back

"You keep liking her and your just going to push her away. you just need to let go at least." He said

"But I don't want to let go. I don't know what to do." I said

Sid had to think about it. He knew I was a Romeo type and wouldn't let go of anything. "Well then at least try not to show it. I really can't help you with anything other than words" he said.

I really couldn't speak. I was still mad about this morning, and I was still mad about five minutes ago. I could only calm down and say "Sure."

Sid smiled at this "I know you, I know you will come around. Want me to buy you another lunch?" he said

I wasn't actually hungry. I just bought it because it was routine. "Naw man I wasn't going to eat anyway." I said and lied down the entire period.

Everything else about the day was just going down hill. by my seventh class, rumor had spread about the run in with Ellen and that I meant to do it, which I didn't, and that there was a car accident that required two police cars. I didn't like the sound of that at all. The seventh and eighth classes went by and by the end of class eight that everything went to hell. I walked out of my class and I saw some guys trailing me. I didn't think much of it until someone came up to me from that group.

"So I heard what happened during lunch." He said. I didn't really know the guy but already he was pissing me off. "Must have been bad luck, or you must have been really angry." He said

"Not now" was all I could say. I had not intention of dealing with him, I started to walk away but he stopped me and his groupies surrounded me.

"Not so fast kid. You know, I am a good friend of hers. She wasn't really happy about it either." He said

"I doubt that she would be friends with you" I said.

"Strike one" a big guy from behind me said, making sure I didn't move.

"So I just want to know, was it out of anger."

"I would have rather dumped the food on you rather than her" he said

"Strike two." The big guy said again

"And you didn't answer my question" Leader of the jerks said. "So, was it"

"Piss off" I said.

"Thats strike three" The leader said. The big guy held me tight while the leader just sucker punched me in the gut over and over. His other groupies made sure no one got a teacher, and no one did get a teacher. He punched me over and over. I started to couch, it was getting too much. He finally left me though after a swift kick to the gut. He left me breathless. I fell over on the ground, out of breath and out of time. Bell rang for the final class. I'm sure these guys didn't care but I surely did. The leader then picked me up. "I don't want to see your face again, got it" he said, and spat on my face. As everyone walked past they all stepped on me. "Oh and, theres no need to tell anyone okay." he said. I couldn't move. I wouldn't move. I was just glad a teacher walking past saw me. Sent me straight home.

At home, I was bandaged up by my mom. He conference went as well as my school day. Dad was also home but he was just watching the game. "So what happened?" she said getting the ice.

"Just some jerks after my gut ma. I don't even know why they did it." I said.

"You should have fought back" My dad said.

"Try fighting back with a big guy around your arms." I said bitterly.

"That just shows you need to bulk up. Do something with yourself." he said

"Yes. I would love to do something with my life. Maybe I'll take a lesson from you. Rule one, Sit down, drink a beer and watch the game." I said

"Well at least I never got beat up by a bunch of loons." he shouted.

"Well at least I never knocked up my girlfriend after the first date!" I screamed.

"Get over here!" Dad said getting up.

"Give him a break." Mom said getting in his way. Dad just pushed her aside though. He grabbed me by the shirt.

"This is what you get" He said holding up his fist "When you talk back" He said. He threw the punch right at my eye. I flew back tearing the shirt with me.

"Leave him alone!" Mom shouted

"Why are you defending him." he said slapping her across the face. I didn't want any more of this. I quickly went upstairs and stayed there. No dinner, no company, just my tv. I turned on the news. Looks like the rumors were right. The car accident did need two police cars. But it wasn't to help the cars, it was to keep Chris off of the other guy. Chris is going to spend 30 days in jail because of me. I never thought it would happen like that. I then went to my bed. Looked at the time. I'm usually not superstitious but I was desperate. The time was 11:11. Time to make a wish. I softly said to myself "I wish I never existed." I knew, or at least thought I knew, that it would never happen. I went to sleep but it wasn't long when I woke up. I felt a tap on the shoulder, thinking it was my mom, and rolled over. It wasn't my mom, but an old man. An old man in a black robe. His bony finger retracted as I just stood and watched. "You have made a bold wish. Follow me, see what this wish entails." he said. And all I could do was follow.

The The Never-Mores (Short Story) 95sr5v
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The The Never-Mores (Short Story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The The Never-Mores (Short Story)   The The Never-Mores (Short Story) EmptyMon May 31, 2010 9:29 pm

Lots of truth to this. (: First paragraph surprised me.

The The Never-Mores (Short Story) Nwsig2
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Odd One Out
Odd One Out

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The The Never-Mores (Short Story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The The Never-Mores (Short Story)   The The Never-Mores (Short Story) EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 1:37 am

Time to get going with this again.


They say no good deed goes unpunished. I think that man must have known just about everything to come up with that one. I, myself, am learning that the hard way. Now I told you that A man came to me in the middle of the night and I was told to follow. Now I thought that this was all a dream. I should have known better. In fact, I still wish that it was all a dream, but It was all too real.

I followed him out of the house. As I walked out of my room, I saw small changes. The walls were usually dirty and stained, as well as the carpets. When I looked around it looked like the house was just built. Something Has changed here obviously, but first one question was on my mind right now. The whole building may have been burned to the ground and I would still have this question burned in my head until I asked it. So I did. "Who are you?" I finally blurted out "Not to be rude of course, I just need to know who you are." I said.

The old man laughed a little. Then he turned around to me and said. "Who are you?" He said back.

No fair! I asked first right? Well when your following a mysterious old man I guess you have be submissive first. "I...I don't even know anymore." I said. I was so confused, and I still thought that this was a dream, that I didn't know what I was.

"You will soon." He said. Going down the stairs. Another warning cane to me. Usually pictures were lined across the hallway. They were gone now. Something was definitely off. It was also dead quiet, not even our breathing could be heard. Now instead of confused, I'm afraid.

"You still haven't answered me" I said now quite demanding, with my voice quivering. "And don't answer me with another question. I want an answer."

The old man turned with a grave look. "You don't want the answer. At least, its not one that you want. Are you sure you still want me to tell you?" He said. I nodded. Nothing I could do other than that. "Very well" He sighed. He did not sound angry or annoyed with that sigh, but sad. He almost sounded depressed.

We walked over to the walk in kitchen counter. There was no mess of bottles or stains like usual. It actually looked clean. "I hope you have noticed this, and if you haven't I suggest that you open your eyes, but there have been changes all around you." He said. Yea I saw them and I knew something was up, but again, I still think I was in a dream. "Well, to let you know, this is really happening." He stopped after that because he saw the shock on my face. So much for still being in a dream. "You probably wondering when this all started though, am I right?" He said. To be honest, that never crossed my mind. Or at least it never crossed my mind until he said it. Then I really started thinking, when did this all happen. How did my house become perfect and when did my parents leave. "It all started when you made that wish. Why do kids always wish at 11:11? Anyway, that wish, came true." I was one step away from falling flat on my back. I no longer existed. I was never born. I was a thought that never would. But why was I still here? Just to get the speech before I left.

"So...I..." Was all I could get out.

"Am a Nevermore." He said. "And I..." He started to say. His hands started to have shadows form around it. It soon went up to his arm. As it did the skin on his hands vanished and all that was left was bone. Soon this reached his head, and all he was was a skull after that. "Am Death." Was once he said once the transformation was complete. "Now come on. I want to show you something.

"Like What?!" I Bellowed back. "What my life would have been if I was never born. Isn't that a little clich├ęd, even for death." I said. I was furious.

"Yes. It is necessary, no matter how trivial it may seem." He said walking to the front door. "Lets first start with the first moment." He said. The Door opened and bright light shown through the door way. I had to close my eyes it was so bright. The next place I looked it was at my moms favorite bar, "The Essentials." Death said. "Not the best place for a bar but I'm not in the booze business." He said entering. I followed him.

"So what are the rules of being a Nevermore. Can people not see me, am I only a spectator to everything that will be once I'm not in the picture." I said, I just wanted this to be over.

"Yes, but there are some things that will happen too, but you shouldn't do it now. Just watch." He said pointing to my mom. She looked a lot better now than when I have ever seen her in my entire life. She looked peppy and happy. Her hair was blond and flowing more than ever. She looked 21 again. Which was how old she was when she got pregnant with me. The door opened and looked over to it with excitement. I looked at in in loathing hate. My dad, or used to be dad, had just walked in. He looked all slick with his leather jacket and his cigarette in mouth now but I know what he would become soon. I wanted that bastard dead. "Easy there tiger." Death said to me. "That rage is going to fuel something. Calm down or else something you regret will happen." He said. I got comfortable in my seat but I was not calm. All throughout the night I wanted to punch this guy so bad. He may have been my dad but that gave him no excuse to act like a douche like he was now. Even worse, my mom liked this. If only she knew what would happen. The end was coming soon though. My dad said those last few words that made me ready to pounce.

"Want to go back to my place. It will be quite the ride."

My mom was debating it. "No." I said. In fact, I kept on saying it "No NO NO NO!" I said. I felt bones hit my shoulder. That made me stop short and sit down. Finally my mom made a response.

"No." She said "It was nice but I have things to do." She said

"Come on" My former dad said. "I promise nothing bad will happen."

"And what good is a promise. No thank you." She said getting up, ready to leave. He also got up too.

"I don't think you understand." He said with his menacing smile. "It is quite the time." he said

"No means NO!" She screamed and slapped him. He fell to the floor too. Must have had too much to drink.

"You B-" Was all he could let out when he was escorted.

"All you have to do is watch" Death said getting up. "You said it yourself, your just a spectator. Now Lindsey Shemer-" He said

"You mean my mom" I shot back.

"Not anymore, nevermore. Lindsey Shemer became a famous novelist and got married to a Marcus Lowes. They had two children. As for Dick Grenche"

"You mean that bastard" I said.

"Yea. He was called out on multiple federal crimes Some too shocking to say. Now lets see your friend...what was his name...Chris Deen. Let's see what he is up to." He then opened the bar's door and that same light shown. When we got back we were in an auditorium. It was large, and it looked like a college campus. Thousands of kids were in one building waiting for one person to come. I was shocked to see the special guest. It was Chris! He also looked like the same age as he did when I last saw him.

"What is he doing up there?" I said "Accepting an award?" This was too puzzling for me. Last I heard of him, he was in jail. Now he is on an auditorium and accepting an award.

"No, Its a scholarship, but that is just as important." he said. "Without you he stayed focused on his studies, spent every dollar to his work, and never had any friends. That may be a small price to pay for success but with what he will do amazing things." Death said.

"So He never went to jail?" I asked. "Never did anything, brash?"

"Nope. He was a pretty intrusive kid without you. He would never do anything either, no parties, no drugs, not even talk to anyone." Death said.

"What does he do? Cure cancer?" I said half jokingly, half sad.

"No, but he makes great strides in genetic engineering and even makes his own species." Death Said. "Want to stay here. We still have one more stop to make." He said

"Let's go" I said getting up.He opened the door for me and soon enough we were right where we needed to be. What I was looking at was a picture of someone who I thought I would never see again. Ellen Leehan. She looked like a Pop star who had it all. "Looks like she has everything." I said

"And she does. Freedom, a great husband, a great life." Death said.

"But what does this have to do with me." I said

"Well she felt always held back for you, she always felt somehow...different around you. Without you, she didn't feel shackled. She did everything she wanted to. Married a nice quarterback for a very good football team." Death said. Ass he said that Another picture came up. This guy I did not like at all. It was the guy who beat me up for no reason. "So now you have everything." Death said.

"Wait...What about Sid Calhony? Did he become successful?" I said.

Death looked at me. He didn't show any emotion but I could see that he was bothered. "He passed through my gates before he left Highschool. The pressure was too much for him. He needed someone to vent to as well as someone to help. Not all the stories end happily though." He said. "Now if you follow me, you shall forever be a Nevermore." He said. "Are you ready.

"Not yet." was all I could get out.

"Okay, but time is running out." He said. I shed a tear.I looked back to see Ellen living the dream. She had it all. She looked happy. This wasn't even a billboard either. It was the real Ellen.

"Lets go." I said but before I took my first step I heard a voice. This is not something I would have expected. Death didn't expect it either.

It was Ellen. Not the popstar but her highschool self. "Wait! I remember...I remember you."

The The Never-Mores (Short Story) 95sr5v
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The The Never-Mores (Short Story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The The Never-Mores (Short Story)   The The Never-Mores (Short Story) Empty

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The The Never-Mores (Short Story)
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