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 DBP's Fourm Antics and Future

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That Girl in the Skinny Jeans
That Girl in the Skinny Jeans

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DBP's Fourm Antics and Future Empty
PostSubject: DBP's Fourm Antics and Future   DBP's Fourm Antics and Future EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 7:25 am

This was Written by BloodSpi11er, i did nothing with this.

Biography of dEaTh_bAt_pRiDe's forum antics.

DBP is known for his instant Humor that usually gets him
in trouble with some Users, but brings lolz too most.

Normally DBP stays out of the Normal Forum eye, posting
in topics that most wouldn't Read and ranting on about
things he hates.

He believes that People Just nag him too make him feel
bad, but never lets it get too him.

He also takes things in less serious ways, you could be
talking about something that you think everyone should
worry about, but He'll come in and lighten the mood up.

Which leads too problems with members.

Contrary too original Beliefs, DBP was originally thought
too be a girl from 2006-too Mid 2007, even though
the constant "Im not a girl for the 2515th time"

He's been nearly banned 2 times, flamed plenty of times
and could probably make a novel of all the arguments
hes been in. When he hates someone, he lets them know
He voices his beliefs regardless of reactions he will get.

His Antics include Randomly Typing in Caps for a
bit, Typing in French and not translating it. Random
Crap not related too the topic. Procrastinating on
Videos that need a Dead line, obsessing over Ska
Music and the X Games around August and February

All members could name a moment DBP made them
laugh, Some could say they got pissed off by him.
Others don't even know him.

A Self proclaimed Death Bat, the logo of Avenged
Sevenfold, is the inspiration behind his username,using
DarkTail's dEaTh_bAt_pRiDe style, he created the
Name, which in 2008 won him Best Username of the

His Random Humor, is known for what he calls
"For Sh*ts and Giggles" Random Rambling, Caps Speak,
Real Life References in videos, Breaking the Sensor
List by using Numbers and out of place letters.

When Ska music is talked about, or brought up,
no doubt you will get


The obsession is something that makes him DBP.

Hes called Kindhearted, Funny, Always working on
something new, Random.

Others say hes a Flamer, Cold Hearted with some people.
And a complete idiotic Noob.

2009 and years too come will prove too see if he can
change and cope with events on the Fourm
The Recent Code Lyoko Dub series may hold
a reason that we'll find out in the future.

DBP Says he will always be "DBP" no matter what
what happens, and he plans too change slightly soon.

There are people who he Loves and Hates

He Loves all his Friends, and gets along great with them.

He hates Fourm Members for reasons.

One Reason behind the Hate is him being 95% French, and
the USA hate french people.

He is also the only French User on the US and French Fourm,
and uses the US Forum as the French one isnt his home.

His Cocky reactions also make him a target for Reports.

Death Bat plans too leave the forum if no new Code Lyoko
Media is released by 2012, and he'll be gone by then, long
lost from the fourm, just a memory. He'll be a myth like all users
and wants too just leave it all behind.

DBP's Fourm Antics and Future 6tl6dy
I ran with CLF for 7 years.
It took a lot of my personal and social life away, and i will remember it.
As of the Crash of 10/25/10, CLF: A Seven Year Memoir has begun
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Odd One Out
Odd One Out

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DBP's Fourm Antics and Future Empty
PostSubject: Re: DBP's Fourm Antics and Future   DBP's Fourm Antics and Future EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 4:59 pm

Its cool to read biographies. It lets people know who someone is so that way there is no further question needed, and this biography is no exception. Its small but interesting. Is there anymore to this

DBP's Fourm Antics and Future 95sr5v
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DBP's Fourm Antics and Future
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